Staycation Kit: Reflective

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Spending time at home this week? We have hand-selected the perfect things to help you and your family reflect on the things that matter.

  • Our Reflective Kit includes:

    • Flying Wish Paper - Write it, light it, and watch it your worries fly away! 
    • Jellyfish Lamp - Be soothed by the calming lights and the two realistic jellyfish features that sway gently to the sound of their own music.
    • One Book - this book is a thought-provoking invitation to discover your gift, to honor and to celebrate it, and to share it with those around you.
    • Crush Your Goals Inner Truth Deck - These shareable, giftable, and postable motivational cards cheer you on with wit, heart, and zero cheese.

    * If we need to substitute an item, we promise you will love it!

  • Think of this time home together as a wonderful opportunity for one-on-one hangout time with your children. 

    We are here for you as a resource for quality educational and recreational items. Let's all get creative and continue learning opportunities! This is a great time for everyone in the family to learn together and even give the kids more responsibility around the house. Contact us if you need some age-appropriate ideas!