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Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

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Get your kids outside and having fun with Stomp Rocket Planes. These planes are 100% kid-powered, jet into the air 100 or more feet, and swish, zoom and fly through the air. Made of foam, these planes are safe, interactive, and the perfect way to get your kids interested in aerodynamics. Perform amazing stunts with the stomp rocket, designed by aeronautical engineers and perfected for fun. These planes were designed to fly, swoop, and perform tricks as they swerve through the air.

It’s the ultimate lawn game! Stunt planes fly high into the air and are specially created for engineers to perform amazing tricks right from your back yard. Change the launch angle fly your rocket into the air, and try out new angles and stomp rockets to test out tricks and challenges. Stunt planes fly over 100 feet in the air, can perform tricks, or fly with a head.

  • Run, jump, and stomp to launch stunt planes with friends or family, because Stomp Rocket Planes are great for kids aged 5 and up and are enjoyed by adults too! It’s a great game in the summer for the whole family, as it was designed by aeronautical engineers to perform, fly, catch head win. . . Show More >

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