Swipe Shot


Swing, bash, and win! On either end of the cord is a wrist strap, one for each player. In the middle is a ball, tethered to the cord. And on the floor - Six cups in green and blue are evenly spaced in a circle. Things are about to get intense.

  • Pulling, swinging, swiping, and bashing - Kids must use the wrecking ball to try and knock down all of their opponent's cups first. Do you have what it takes to take control of the chaos and win? Fun, active, and brimming with surprises, SwipeShot is a thrilling contest that's sure to keep you constantly on your toes.

  • We know kids get antsy when they have to stay home for too long. This game can be played indoors or out and encourages active play, gross motor skills, coordination, strategy, quick thinking, and fast reflexes.