ugears aviator


Up and Beyond

The UGears Aviator brings your flying dream to reality.

The model comes in three modules, the airplane, the helicopter and the flight control tower. You are given a choice to choose the module that you want to fly while talking with the control tower.

As a beginner pilot, you might want to start with the helicopter which is not as difficult to control as the airplane. Easy to manipulate but no less exciting, your chopper has a cockpit with doors that open and shut, and three-blade main and tail rotors. The airplane module operates on the principle of a wire-braced biplane and has a five piston motor which makes it much faster and require a little bit of skill to run. Flying the airplane requires several hours of practice which increases the fun of flying.

The control tower is operated with two control bars, and the control tower regulates the roll and pitch of the flying machine, and it also controls the Motor controller that adjust RPM (revolutions per minute) sets the speed of the aircraft.

When all three units are assembled hold on to the control column while releasing the Motor controller’s lock to launch your model. This is the time to fly away.

The UGears Aviator model kit is made of sustainably Eco-friendly high-grade wood and has everything you might need for assembly. The laser-cut plywood board with precise hairline cuts is easy to assemble, and it is a DIY heaven.

The UGears Aviator comes with step-by-step, full-color and an easy to follow instruction manual.


  • Features and Benefits:

    • 726 Pieces
    • Level: Hard
    • Assembly Time 15 hours
    • Recommended Ages: 14+


    WARNING: Small parts - not intended for children under 3. 

    Assembling the UGEARS will result in many small pieces and plywood boards. Do not assemble near small children and babies, as these small pieces are a choking hazard.

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