ugears treasure box


Create your very own masterpiece with the UGears Treasure Box, a beautiful and complex chest that is built by you. This treasure box is an interactive, stunning piece you will be thrilled to have in your home. Make it on your own, or with a friend, and once done, this box is perfect for holding small items you treasure.

Turn the key clockwise to open the box and glimpse into the mystery that is inside. The carved lid is beautiful, meaning that it will suit your collection of wooden models perfectly. Store on the shelf or keep on your desk. The Treasure Box invites you to gain a glimpse of what is inside by putting the gears in motion.

Puzzle boxes should be beautiful, and the UGears Treasure box is certainly a true jewel of UGears.

Made of all-natural materials and crafted to perfection so that no glue is needed, this self-assembly treasure chest can be put together in 2 to 3 hours. Perfect for teens aged 14 and up, the treasure box is a wonderful challenge that leaves you with a stunning finished piece that needs you to turn the key counter clockwise in order to set the gears in motion and work off its lid. Keep small treasures in a beautiful and decorative box and enjoy displaying your treasure with UGears.

  • Features and Benefits:

    • 190 Pieces
    • Level: Easy
    • Assembly Time: 2-3 Hours
    • Recommended Ages: 14+

    WARNING: Small parts - not intended for children under 3. 

    Assembling the UGEARS will result in many small pieces and plywood boards. Do not assemble near small children and babies, as these small pieces are a choking hazard.


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