Unicorn String Art



Kids think unicorns are legendary! And now they can make—and display—some magic with these unique unicorn and heart string art canvases.

  • They can use the provided patterns or create their own design! Just push pins into the foam canvases and string away, no hammer or nails needed. Magic in the making!

    • makes 2 string art canvases: a unicorn and a heart.
    • ages 10 and up.
    • includes: two 8.5” square foam canvases, 4 pieces of card stock, 36 yards of cotton thread, 3 yards of polyester thread, 6 yards of acrylic yarn, 100 push pins.
  • We met the founder of Ann Williams at one of our first toy shows. Here is her philosophy:

    "As a parent I know hands-on activities are one of the greatest gifts you can give a child. When kids make, they develop their creative brain and problem-solving skills, they acquire confidence and become happier kids overall. Whether they’re learning to sew, learning to weave, or just wrapping yarn animals, they’re making something magical and it shows them possibility."

    This shines through in every kit they make!