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Unicorn Voice Changer

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At the press of a button, your child can unlock an imaginary world of deep-jungle prowling or rainbow surfing.

  • The Unicorn Voice Changer holds the key to role-playing fun (and even a little mischief) as kids fall into character with their new alter-ego.

    Each handheld voice changer features four ways to disguise their voice. Simply press and hold one of the voice buttons while talking into the built-in microphone on the back side. In goes a normal voice, out comes a wacky one!

  • Since 2019, Good Banana has been dedicated to creating products that brighten any smile, all while encouraging a child’s imagination with uniquely comforting and colorful appeal. They’re a passionate group of fun loving, hard working people with an endless supply of ideas they want to bring to kids and parents all over the world.