Wind Powered Motor Glider

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The world's first wind-powered motor glider. Assemble your own Wind Turbine. Learn how to convert wind into electricity to light up an LED and power your Motor Glider!

Winner of the 2019 Red Dot Award

  • Blades: Attach the front rotor hub firmly to the blades. Secure three screws into the back of the back rotor hub and securely tighten them.

    Airplane: Remove the protective paper cover from the double-sided tape and stick it to

    the top surface of the glider body. Insert the dorsal fin into the slit at the center of the wings and press it onto the glider body to ensure it is securely fastened.

    Electrical Tower: Attach the generator to bracket A. Attach the light guide strip to Bracket B. Insert the screws into the back of the bracket and securely tighten them.

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