Yoto The Magic Treehouse Collection

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Discover the wonder of the Magic Tree House with Jack and Annie in this collection of 8 audiobooks from the best selling series!

  • Jack and his younger sister, Annie, are just regular kids. But when they discover a tree house in the woods, something magical happens. In books 1 through 4, Jack and Annie are whisked back in time to the age of dinosaurs, a medieval castle, ancient pyramids, and treasure seeking pirates.

    In books 5 through 8, Jack and Annie's friend, Morgan le Fay, is in trouble! They must find four "M" things to free her from a spell. Their adventures take them to meet a ninja master in ancient Japan, flee from a crocodile on the Amazon River, discover the cave people of the Ice Age, and blast off to the moon in the future. It's a difficult and dangerous mission, but Jack and Annie will do anything to save a friend!

    • Age 6+.
    • Running time: 5 hours 42 minutes.
    • Includes: 8 audio cards (Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, Pirates Past Noon, Night of the Ninjas, Afternoon on the Amazon, Sunset of the Sabertooth, and Midnight on the Moon).

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