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Slime Science

Do you love slime?  If you do, then this party is for you! Whether the kiddos are experts or beginners, they will get to test out their skills with this super-slimy, ultra-fun party!  Making gooey concoctions has never been so fun!

Tie-Dye Fun Birthday Party

This creative, colorful, groovy party is perfect for your young artists. The party guests will each enjoy creating a beautiful set of 4 colorful Tie-Dye coasters, Tie-Dye SLIME, and adorable Tie-Dye monster faces! Your guests will all be bringing home their super-cool Tie Dye creations! Your bring the creative kiddos, we will make the Tie-Dye magic happen!

Construction/Trucks Birthday Party

What kid doesn’t love big trucks and construction? We have created the perfect birthday party for our younger birthday party guests. This is a great party for kiddos who loves all things trucks/building/construction and Slime! Kiddos will build and race with our awesome SmartMax magnetic construction kits, paint with trucks, make and play with the coolest SLIME ever….Construction Gravel Slime! Finally, they will play a few rounds of Construction Bingo!

Superhero Science

Calling all superheroes!  We are pulling together the ultimate superhero team to battle the most dangerous supervillain that the world has ever known, and we need YOUR help! Kiddos will get to create their own superhero character, go through superhero training, and build and battle their own supervillain!

Mad Scientist Birthday Party

Calling all science lovers!! This is the perfect party for any kid who loves science and is excited to do some super cool, exciting science experiments with their friends. The lucky scientists attending this fun party will be doing 4 different experiments. You can chose from Homemade Lave Lamps, Elephant Toothpaste, Magic Balloons, Exploding Bags, Leak-Proof Bags, Milk Art, and Skittles Science). Each of the scientists will get to bring home some of these experiments to amaze their friends and family. The Mad Scientists at this party will have such a good time experimenting, they won’t even realize that they are learning something too!

Un-Sleepover Birthday

This party is a Friday night special! By the end of the night party guests will have celebrated with all of the must-dos of your classic sleepover: from the creation of relaxing spa essentials (bath bombs, lip scrub and chocolate face masks) to the decorating of pillowcases! Guests should come in their pajamas and ready for a fun night!

Magical Unicorn Birthday

We have created a magical, creative, sparkly, super-fun Unicorn Party! Guests at this party will be painting an adorable Unicorn Canvas and making some beautiful, glittery UNICORN SLIME! The party guests will have the time of their lives being creative with their friends doing these 3 very popular activities.

Space Birthday

This out of this world party is for astronomic adventurers! Kiddos will travel through the mysteries of outer space as they map out their own constellations using DIY Scratch Art, plan their visit to a planet in our galaxy according to discoveries made in Mission: Fizzing Planets, and create their own galaxy in a slime they can bring home with them! The party guests will truly have a time that will live amongst the stars!

Magic Science

Come bring the wizarding world to life here at Beyond the Blackboard! Kiddos will get to create their own witch /wizard characters and attend a potions class as their characters! Kiddos will get to make everything from magical putty to an Eye of Newt discovery jar to some refreshing butter beer and much more!

Edible Science

Cooking has never been so fun!  Come make some super yummy edible science with us, and tap into your inner mad scientist!  In this party, kiddos will make edible putty, ice cream, and other yummy treats.  Come party with us and your little chefs will be glad you did!


$250 for up to 10 kids; additional guests are $20 each.

Includes 90 minutes of guided activity, plus 30 minutes for cake, presents, etc.

You may bring in food, drinks, and decorations if you like.

Goody Bags available from $15 per child.