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3rd Grade Learning at Home; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

3rd Grade Learning at Home - Play to Learn Kits at Beyond the Blackboard

Jacqueline Killian
Jacqueline Killian

October 23, 2023 3 min read

By third grade, your child has spent two years learning and mastering the basics. In third grade, they are gaining confidence and are ready to learn more complex concepts and tackle tougher material! Third grade curriculum covers many subjects and topics. Our third grade activities can be included as a part of your home or school based 3rd grade curriculum. These resources for third graders are sure to make learning fun and engaging for your child!

While the internet is a valuable resource for all parents and teachers who are looking to expand on 3rd grade curriculum in 2023, it is so important to keep in mind the personality and challenges of your individual 8-9 year old - and the milestones they should achieve this academic year. We also want to ensure that all subjects are being covered in your third grade curriculum plan - whether you are home schooling, hybrid learning, or remote learning. Third grade math, science, social studies, and writing are all topics to include in your 3rd grade curriculum. 

Recently, I received the following request from a mom who asked me to develop a learning kit for her third grader:

We are homeschooling this coming year. She loves art and crafty/make your own type things. She struggles with math and doesn't love to read. We need both curriculum and games.

I wanted to share my thinking with her, as well as you, for the development of this third grade learning kit.

Math for Third Graders

  • Have counters available when working on math with your 3rd grader. Dried beans, Skittles, and Cheerios all make great counters!
  • Yamslam Pocket Dice Game - We love this game, especially for parents working with their kiddos.
  • Basic STEM Perplexors - This book will help reinforce the 1, 2, and 3-digit addition and subtraction your third grader will be working on at the beginning of the year. Go through a few of the puzzles yourself before you let your child begin working in the book, so you understand the process. If you struggle, please don't hesitate to call us! 303-422-5151
  • Math Match Game - This is an amazing tool for reinforcing addition and subtraction and will carry your 3rd grader into multiplication and division, too. 

Language Arts, Reading and Writing for Third Graders

  • Spectrum Language Arts Grade 3
  • Sound Hounds Word Building Card Game -Your third grader can use these cards to build words and rhymes on their own, or play a quick game with someone else. It's okay to make up silly words, too! Make up definitions and silly sentences!
  • A reading timer is an excellent way to track reading time each day!
  • Yellow Highlighter Strip - This may help your child enjoy reading more! It comes in other colors, too.
  • Flip-Pix - This game is fun for all ages! You can adjust the rules of play to be more or less specific, to even out the game to each player's abilities. 

Quiddler is a fabulous game for word building and math! Have your child be the score keeper.

Your third grader will want a sturdy pencil box to keep all of their important supplies in one place.

Ooly pens add a bit of flair and make writing more fun.

Redi Space transitional notebook paper is a fantastic tool for math and writing. Kids who struggle with math often find that this paper helps with number alignment. For writing, this paper helps with spacing and legibility. 

Finally, a surprise box filled with treasures can be used as you like when supporting or teaching! 

We know learning can be challenging. Learning should also be fun! At Beyond the Blackboard, we are here to help! Please do not hesitate to call us at 303-422-5151.

You can order your Play to Learn Kits here!

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