The foundations of literacy and math are literally as easy as ABC and 123 when you introduce your baby or toddler to stories featuring the alphabet and numbers. Learning those 26 letters and counting numbers is the key to unlocking words, abstract concepts, and eventually learning to read!

Our ABC and 123 board books highlight numbers, and letters A to Z in fun ways so that reading (and re-reading, and re-reading) them is a joy. Introduce little ones to the alphabet, letter sounds, and numbers with one or more of these best ABC and 123 board books for babies and toddlers. Board books are designed to stand the test of time with little ones! Board books have thick, sturdy pages, large text, and bright illustrations. These alphabet and number books are a wonderful way to lay the foundation for later learning in a fun and engaging way. At Beyond the Blackboard, we select ABC and 123 board books that will help you introduce your baby or toddler to the alphabet and numbers.