Feed your child’s natural curiosity for “How?” and “Why?” as they learn with hands-on science!

Foster their thinking skills so that they can go through the following steps: THINK. GUESS. TRY. RETHINK. That’s the essence of the Scientific Method, and it comes naturally to children!

With thousands of toys now labeled as "STEM", how do you know which toys are really educational?

At Beyond the Blackboard, we explain how our toys teach or develop STEM skills. Look for words and phrases like: creative thinking, logic, critical thinking, problem solving, working collaboratively, and spatial reasoning. Or, you can simply shop our STEM Toys collection!

Grown-ups should also know that STEM toys don't have to be complicated or new. Wooden blocks and LEGOs are awesome STEM toys, too! We have the best STEM toys for different age levels.

Catapults & Crossbows $27.99
Gumball Machine Maker $44.99
Mega Cyborg Hand $44.99
Spin Copter $4.99
Jumbo Magnifier $7.99
Hand Boiler $7.99
Zig & Go 45 piece set by Djeco - Science and Art Toys for Kids $59.99
Primary Science Big View Bug Jars $9.99
Butterfly Garden $29.99
Beginner Snap Circuits $32.99
Ooze Labs 1: Magnetic Slime $4.99
Ooze Labs 8: Super Expanding Instant Snow by Thames & Kosmos $4.99
Solarbots: 8-in-1 $27.99
I Dig It! Rocks and Fossils $3.99
Solar Powered Rover Kit Sold Out
Tumbling Hedgehog $49.99