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Whether you’re in an apartment or on a farm, kids need to move - and so do you!

Join your children in active play on a daily basis. The more activity the better! With screens available all the time, it seems like some children are spending more and more time in front of devices. We know that there are great resources available for learning via "screen time". Physical play is vital to child development (and adult sanity!). We test and gather the best active play toys for kids.

These toys help develop gross coordination and gross motor skills. Plus, these toys help children get out their "wiggles"! Many of these toys can be used indoors during winter or inclement weather! When weather conditions are less than ideal, it might seem like your kiddos are bouncing off the walls! If your kids seem "wound up" during "indoor" weather, try our active play toys that can be used indoors. Help expend all that built up energy! Invest in quality active play toys perfect for indoor use.

Active play toys help develop fitness, strength and social skills. They are perfect for your home or classroom. Our wide range of stimulating active play toys open up a whole new world of learning and exercise for children. If you want to strengthen sensory skills or build self-confidence, we are sure to have the perfect toy or game for you.

For sunny days and days that are best spent indoors, we hand select toys for good, physical play. Now you know the benefits of these toys. These toys are also fun!

Encourage your child to be physically fit by providing awesome activities that keep them moving. Learning to love an active lifestyle will impact their life-long health, and physical and emotional well being. This may be the greatest gift of all!