It’s tubby time!

Bath time can be learning time, too! From animal names and sounds to colors and counting, most kids are relaxed and enjoy their baths.

By age two pouring is a fun activity, and the tub is just the place to spill!

Want to make bath time fun and special? Bath toys are a great way to bond with your child! There are many bath toys for babies, toddlers, and kids that will get them excited for bath time. The best bath toys encourage children to use their imaginations and learn through play.

There are so many bath toys for babies, toddlers, and kids! Which toys are best for your special child? To help you select bath toys, we stock the best bath toys. If you are looking for fun and educational bath toys, we've got you covered!

We know bath time can be hit or miss. It can be the perfect way to calm down before bed, or it can be disastrous. Stock your tub with the best bath toys on the market. Fantastic bath toys can help make bath time special. When it comes to bath time, toys should invite creativity and imagination. Excellent toys in the tub are worth their weight in gold, we say!

Bath time can be one of the happiest parts of your day! Your child can play, explore, splash, maybe even pretend they're at the pool! Sit happily next to the tub and listen to the bubbles and giggles. Stock the bathroom with these great tub toys for a safe and happy bath time.

We have the most fun toys for splashing around in the bath. How do you choose the bath toys that are best for your child's age and stage? We test loads of bath toys to find out which ones keep them smiling and entertained the most!

Glo Pals $9.99
Squeeze & Squirt $7.99
Submarine Spray Station $37.99
Spin and Sort Spout Pro Sold Out
Magical Duck Race Sold Out
Bubble Blowing Whale $11.99
Musical Whale Fountain $44.99
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Squigz 2.0 $39.99
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