Learning and playing music has benefits for children of all ages - plus, it's fun! Explore our selection of musical toys to make music a part of your child's life.

The benefits of music in childhood extend well beyond childhood! Music helps develop abstract reasoning and creativity. Studies have even shown that children who play music have stronger listening skills than those who do not. Music connects the two sides of our brain and challenges kids to concentrate on multiple things at one time.

So while it's no secret that music is essential to early childhood development, finding the best music toys for kids can seem overwhelming. You want a toy that supports your child's learning, that's also fun to play with and has some longevity. At BeyondTheBlackboard.com you'll find the best music toys for all ages, ranging from infancy even into adulthood! 

With our high-quality music toys, kids can explore rhythm and sound in the best way (hands on!). You'll find shakers, ukuleles, hand drums, and even hand painted kids' instruments!

Learn to Play Color Chord Ukulele Sold Out
Animambo Rainstick $17.99
Animambo Harmonica $9.99
Red Rain Stick $14.99
Penguin Musical Wobbler $17.99
Animambo Jaguar Maraca $8.99
Bontempi® Digital Drum Sticks Sold Out
Amahi Ukulele - Purple Mermaid $59.99
DJ Mix & Spin Studio $44.99
Animambo Tambourine $17.99
Pop! Pop! Piano Sold Out
Animambo Bongo Drums $34.99
Animambo Hand Drum $22.99
Sing-along Bling Karaoke Microphone: Tie Dye Edition Sold Out
Animambo Kalimba Sold Out
Stiix Spectrum RGB Light Speakers with True Wireless Stereo $99.99