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A great big selection of sensory and fidget toys for kids of all ages and abilities.

There's no doubt that children with sensory challenges and different needs benefit so much from toys that meet them where they are. Stimulating play encourages the development of neural pathways in the brain. These pathways are vital to early childhood learning, school, and into adulthood. Sensory play matters for toddlers, elementary age children, and kids of all ages.

You have found our collection of sensory and fidget toys. Each toy engages one or more of the senses.

Many children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) experience trouble processing sensory input. Some children may also have sensory processing disorder (SPD), or both an autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder. Occupational therapists often recommend the use of sensory and fidget toys. Sensory and fidget toys are available in many varieties. Hand toys, spinners, rings, cubes, and chew toys are all examples of sensory toys and fidgets. Sensory toys and fidgets engage your child's senses in a way that makes sense to them! They can also help children relax, calm down, or focus.

The goal of sensory toys and fidgets is to engage the senses through a child's most natural method of learning - play! This engagement will then encourage other skills like communication.

For children with sensory issues, all the sensory input of events like holidays, large family gatherings, and birthday parties can be overwhelming. Even "normal" sights and sounds that we may not notice can create sensory overload for children with autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorder, or attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). The more kids are exposed to sensory input in a fun and controlled way, the more their tolerance of the world around them can grow.

Why not combine fun and learning for your child by gifting them a sensory fidget toy that will build new skills? Check out our great sensory toy and fidget selection!