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Here at Beyond the Blackboard, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the best way) about play. Transform screen time into family time with the best family board games.

For some families, family game nights are a longstanding tradition, extending back generations. We think when families gather around a great game, this time together encourages them to be at their best, and to make memories.

Our best family games are for all families. There are plenty of new games in here! Often, new games borrow favorite elements from classic games and put a twist on or even improve upon them. There are so many options available to you. These games are exciting!

To make this list, we played! We played with Beyond the Blackboard team members, with kids, and with families who love games. Some games here are rather old-fashioned. Other family games in our collection are modern. But they are all great family games.

All of our family games meet our stringent criteria!

  1. They encourage creativity and conversation. You're playing a game with your family so the game should encourage togetherness!
  2. These games are the right length for the players. Games for kindergartners shouldn't last an hour and "escape room" scenarios shouldn't be solved in 15 minutes.
  3. Family games should be full of action and moves.
  4. Educational games should be entertaining! No boring games here. Just because you're learning teamwork, sportsmanship, math, or problem solving doesn't mean the game has to be a snooze.

The games we stock meet these criteria in one way or another! Be sure to note the style of play that the game is, so everyone from age 4 to 40 is happy to play. So purchase a family game or two, break out the appetizers, and gather 'round. It's time for family game night!