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At home or in the classroom, introduce social-emotional learning through reading with Beyond the Blackboard's collection of children's books about families and friendship.

Human beings are creatures of community and we are all at our best when our relationships are happy and healthy! For children, explaining the nuances of relationships in our neighborhoods, family, and among friends can be a bit complicated. However, on the other side of these sometimes challenging conversations, are rewarding results! Through the books in our collection, your child will learn the importance of human-to-human connection in life.

Our collection of children's books about family and friendships include stories about families and friendships of all kinds! Through these books, your child will learn how to make and maintain friendships, enjoy grandparents, aunts, and uncles, and read about important life skills. We have so many wonderful titles to inspire your child, classroom, or family. 

This collection is an amazing jumping-off point for learning all about family and friends!