Your Newborn:

In these early months you are building bonds with your baby. These bonds will be the foundation for everything to come. From kisses and blowing raspberries to music and dance, enjoy this time exploring ways to stimulating and calm your baby.

Your 6 Month Old:

Around six months they are off and crawling! Your growing baby is building lots of memory and depends on you for all their stimulation and interaction. Sing, dance, touch and talk every chance you get!

In these early months you are building bonds with your baby. This relationship will be the foundation for everything to come. The baby is learning to move, communicate, socialize, understand, and respond to the world.  Your baby depends on you for everything and it will be fun to explore all the things that delight them.  Carry her and move her around so she can see and hear different things.

A 6 month-old will start to sit up and crawl in the coming months. You may notice that they want to bring everything right to their mouth. Fear not! This is their way of exploring the world - not to mention it feels good as they cut new teeth. Your growing baby is taking in everything and their memory bank is starting to grow, too.  By 9 months, they understand that an object exists even if they cannot see it.  Impressive! They also need tummy time to develop core strength and balance. Your baby can now hold and interact with toys on the floor or table. Keep toys simple and attached – they’re not quite ready to retrieve dropped toys, though they may turn it into a “game” with you!

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