Little Boys and Girls - These little people now have their very own personalities.  They will delight you with  new concepts and vocabulary every day!

Provide a broad range of activities to let them explore lots of interests! Tools such as hammers and screwdrivers, pitchers, safety scissors, zippers, snaps, building block toys, puzzles, pegboards, stringing beads, coloring, and sand will help build the fine motor skills that are so important at this age.

Your child’s physical growth will slow down a bit as they amaze you with their tremendous intellectual, social, and emotional growth this year! Make-believe play will begin.  They’ll show enthusiasm for playing with others, show defiance, demonstrate “it’s mine” behavior and may experience separation anxiety (which will most likely fade by age three).

Your child will begin precision hand and finger work, trace shapes, and scribble on paper - moving from a fist grip to a proper grip by age three.  They’ll build higher towers, pour water, unbutton, and use a fork and spoon.  They’ll be interested in tools such as scissors, paper, clay paint and crayons. They are not yet planning, so their end product will be identified after it’s complete! Enjoy the adventures of reading with your 2 year-old. You’ll be amazed by what they learn!  Show them pictures, ask them questions, point out objects and colors, count items, and make animal sounds.

Great Gifts:

  • Toddler Scavenger Hunt
  • Magicube Free Building Set
  • Smart Max Building Sets
  • Water Pen and Cards
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