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Developing kids' motor skills can be achieved through play and exploration. Yes, this is true even for the big kids, tweens, and teens! Here are our top skill toys that will make the most impact and grow with your big kid.

A few examples of motor skills are running, climbing, and playing a sport. There are so many toys out there that claim to be essential for motor development. Truthfully, though, a child's own body is their best tool for developing motor skills!

Most kids, even older ones, have space and time to build their motor skills - at the park or at school, and hopefully at home, too. But if you'd like to buy some toys that will make an impression and be suitable for years, Beyond the Blackboard is the place to start!

While new and innovative toys are also great, we find that the simplest skill toys like yoyos and Kendama are often the best skill toys. (By the way, the yoyo dates back as far as 440 BC, and while Kendama was popularized in Japan, it dates back to 16th century France!) What makes these toys so great is that as they entertain kids, they also improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

Kids can fine-tune their yoyo and Kendama techniques and test the myriad ways to play. For most, it will be a hobby. But you never know! You may have the next great yoyo artist on your hands. As long as they're having fun, we consider it a success! Check out the best yoyos and Kendama available for kids and adults, and pick one out for your teen (or yourself!)