Do you have an artistic kid? Are you raising a future Picasso or Beethoven?  Maybe so!  Explore the arts with your child!

Drawing, painting, sculpting and cutting are not only avenues of expression, but these activities also support fine motor skills, and develop problem solving skills and creative thinking for all avenues of life. Nurture your child's creative spirit with these fun items. With crafts, you give your child the tools they need to spark imagination and creative play. Craft on!

Children are natural-born artists. Kids love to create, draw, sculpt, paint, and more. They love to share their art with the people they love. One way that children express themselves is through art.

There's a simple way to engage your child on those days you are stuck inside. Arts and crafts kits for kids give them the opportunity to get crafty at home. We have fun activities and kits for children of all ages.

Crafts for kids should be about imagination, fun, and education. Arts and crafts are a great way to spend quality time with your little ones. Arts and crafts also provide incredible entertainment for play dates! We have all the art supplies and projects you need for a fun day of arts and crafts.

Some of our kits encourage sensory and motor stimulation. Some of our arts and crafts lend themselves to creative education. There are arts and crafts perfect for all age ranges from toddlers to teens and even adults.

If you are searching for a gift for a kid who loves arts and crafts, check out our selection. Discover some of the best arts and crafts gifts for creative kids! These items will provide hours of creative thinking. From the best new activities to timeless classics, here you'll find arts and crafts to make any child happy. We have some of the best arts and crafts gifts for children!

Klutz Super Cute Embroidery Book & Activity Kit $22.99
Ooly Monster 6-Click Multi Color Pen Sold Out
iHeartArt Sparkling Aspirations Art Journal $19.99
Wish*Craft Flower Power DIY Soaps $24.99
Global Skin Tones Kwik Stix Tempera - 14 Pack $17.99
Yoto KIDZ BOP Party Playlist! Sold Out
DIY Miniature House Kit: Free Time Bookshop Sold Out
Fashion Angels Design Your Own Resin Letters Art Kit Sold Out
Tattoo a Frenchie Ceramic Bank - Art Kit for Kids $19.99
Kwik Stix Thin Stix - 24 Pack $31.99 $34.99
Magic Stix Washable Markers Set with Global Skin Tones - 48 Pack $24.99 $29.99
Ooly Colorific Canvas Paint By Number Kit: Van Vibes $24.99
Ooly Colorific Canvas Paint By Number Kit: Marvelous Moth $24.99
Ooly Mini Scratch and Scribble Friendly Fish - Art Kits for Kids $6.99
Hair Stix: Hair Coloring Chalk 12 Pack $27.99
Wonder Stix Small Playmat Kit $19.99