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5 Arts & Crafts Gifts - Beyond the Blackboard 2021 Gift Guides

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

January 28, 2021 3 min read

As many kids and grown-ups know, expressing yourself is deeply satisfying! Whether you're making something exquisite, painting a masterpiece, or playing a song, art inspires the creator. And there's no better way to keep hands and brains busy during the winter season than with arts and crafts!

If you'd like to give the gift of creative inspiration, we've collected a handful of our favorite arts and crafts gifts in this blog post. Take a look and see what amazing things can be created! 

For more arts and crafts gifts for all ages, visit our Arts & Crafts collection.

Loopdedoo Kit bracelet examplesFor the 80s Kid
Loopdedoo Kit, recommended for ages 8 and up

Design friendship bracelets and make them easily with this fun fashion spinning loom. The perfect gift for teens, tweens and crafty fashionistas, Loopdedoo gives you a quick, easy and fun way to make necklaces, anklets, belts and more. The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination, and each piece you create will be truly different and unique. Make fabulous and colorful twisted bracelets with as many threads and color combinations as you like!

Creatto Sparkle Unicorn and Friends unicornFor the One Who Lights Up Your Life
Sparkle Unicorn and Friends, recommended for ages 6 and up

Creatto projects let you create 3D designs using plastic "puzzle" pieces. After you construct your origami-inspired structures with the flexible, interlocking tiles, fill them with a string of LED lights! Design and create illuminated creatures that literally light up your life. Creatto projects are wonderful, screen-free activities for the family. Follow the instructions to build the selection of your choice. The Sparkle Unicorn and Friends set comes with instructions and supplies to build a unicorn, bunny, polar bear or ballerina. All skill levels can get involved with the illustrated manual and step-by-step instructions. The result is dazzling!

Studiostone Creative Soapstone Carving Kit Turtle & OrcaFor the Young Carver
Turtle & Orca Soapstone Carving Kit, recommended for ages 8 and up

Save money by getting one of our Double Kits! This soapstone carving kit includes 2 animals, twice the supplies and both instructions with one file. The Turtle & Orca Soapstone Carving Kit is designed for the carver who wants to do more than one project, or who wants to do a project with a friend or family member!

This kit is a Premium Soapstone Carving Kit that includes easy step-by-step instructions, and is designed to be done with water to eliminate dust. The tools included in these delightful kits are kid-safe and create a beautiful finish. These kits can be completed in as little in 90 minutes. Take your time to create more detail!

Create with Clay DinosaursFor the Dinosaur Enthusiast
Create with Clay Dinosaurs, recommended for ages 5 and up

Bring three dinosaurs to life (T-Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus) by molding and covering plastic fossils with colorful clay. This clay dinosaur craft kit includes everything you need! Yes, even googly eyes. Combine the fun of arts and crafts with science and learning! Fun dinosaur facts are included to learn while creating. Use as a small group activity and create with friends or make all three dinos yourself!

Create with Clay Dinosaurs is a 2018 ASTRA 'Best Toys for Kids' winner!

Djeco finger paint tubesFor the Instagram Mom (and Toddler, Too)
Finger Paint Tubes, recommended for ages 18 months up and up

Djeco's mission is to equip kids with the same quality tools as a modern-day artist! They collaborate with illustrators, artists, and designers to select quality materials to use in each of their products. From their hands to your art box, Djeco delivers the best for your child. We hope that by carrying quality art supplies for children, we can open their eyes to the world of art and all its beauty!

This box includes gorgeous, safe colors for ages 18 months and up to explore, in 6 chunky tubes of paint! Bonus! A plastic pallet is included to minimize mess.

If you discover arts and crafts supplies via this post that you would like to buy, please purchase through our family-owned store. By doing so, you help to support our employees and families and allow us to continue providing you with wonderful, educational toys and games. We appreciate your support!

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