8 Best Toys and Gifts for 6 Year-Old Boys in 2021

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell
April 05, 2021 3 min read

When your boy turns 6, he's entering an age group where he can start to keep track of smaller pieces. He's also moved beyond learning colors and shapes. At this age, your almost 6 year-old is developing building and logic skills. He's experimenting with STEM toys and imagining wild and crazy car races. So, what toys and gifts test the best with our kid Play Experts? Cars, building sets, science and art toys, and even a fort. These toys allow your 6 year-old to continue to build on the skills he's already learned in kindergarten, and add in elements of imaginative play.

If you're looking for the best gifts for boys - the best gifts for 6 year-old boys, in particular - here are our top picks! Each of these toy suggestions has been recommended by Team BtB and real BtB family kids. Many have even won toy industry awards.

These are some of the best toys and gifts for 6 year-old boys in 2021!

LEGO City: Fire Hazard Truck LEGO City: Fire Hazard Truck
Recommended for Ages 5+

A perennial childhood favorite warps into LEGO with this set. Kids can build the fire truck out of bricks, and then use the included firefighter mini figure to put out LEGO flames, and shoot LEGO water elements. The set even includes a LEGO megaphone, and logs with flame LEGO, so he can create a "real" scene.

Dragon Plus-Plus Tube Dragon Plus-Plus Tube
Recommended for Ages 5+

It's easy to see why this is one of our favorite toys. This Plus-Plus kit contains the pieces for a dragon PLUS endless other possibilities and hours of fun. Create colorful flat mosaics, work in 3D, even create curves! With Plus-Plus, anything your child can imagine, he can build.

For Kids of All Ages

Don't settle for unstable blanket forts. With an AIR FORT, he can have a fun and safe place to play, almost instantly. The AIR FORT inflates in less than 30 seconds and cleans up in no time. Note: A box fan is not included.

Beaker Creature Reactor Pods Beaker Creature Reactor Pods
Recommended for Ages 5+

Kids can see real chemical reactions take place right before their eyes with collectible Beaker Creature Reactor Pods! When your 6 year-old follows the instructions for a bubbling Reactor Pod, a reaction will be created, revealing a mini Beaker Creature! Then, with the included classification card, he can classify his creature.

Moonlight Elephant Safari Creatto Moonlight Elephant Safari
Recommended for Ages 6+

It takes a minute to get the hang of attaching the plastic tiles, but once he gets the hang of it, he'll love making a light-up creation. Your kit can make multiple projects so he can build, take apart, and build again!

Turbo Twister Remote Control Car Turbo Twister Remote Control Car
Recommended for Ages 3+

This radio control light-up stunt action car can perform wheelies, spin, tumble, jump, sidewind, and more! Translucent tires and wheels make the Turbo Twister Stunt RC Car extra cool.

Iron Scratch Art Stickers Iron Scratch Art Stickers
Recommended for Ages 6+

For a budding artist, this set will get his design mind excited. Kids can follow the instructions to create beautiful patterns or freestyle to create their own flair. The set comes with 4 sticker sheets, 1 double-ended wooden tool, and an instruction book.

Rush Hour Jr Rush Hour Jr.
Recommended for Ages 5+

Our Beyond the Blackboard parents are impressed with how easy it is for kids to get hooked on the challenges of this logic game, even with 40 progressively more difficult brainteasers. And yet, Rush Hour Jr. is so fun that grown-ups like to get in on the action, too. It's also great for rainy days or winding down after school!

Want more help selecting the perfect gift for your 6 year-old boy? Our Play Experts are here to save you time and stress. Set up a FaceTime shopping appointment via our Facebook page.

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