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8 Best Toys for 1 Year-Olds, www.beyondtheblackboard.com

8 Best Toys for 1 Year-Olds

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

April 12, 2021 3 min read

It can be difficult to find toys for one year-olds. These kids are not infants, and barely coming into toddlerhood. One year-olds are starting to grow out of infant toys, which may feature crinkling, rattling, and chew-safe materials. Your one year-old is wanting a bit more stimulation! However, a lot of toys that are interesting to one year-olds are also choking hazards and typically labeled for children over the age of three. All of these things combined make shopping for one year-olds quite the challenge!

We asked our favorite grown-ups, and played with our one year-old Play Experts, to develop this list of our favorite toys for 12 months old and beyond. These toys are made for hours of play with children who haven't quite learned to be gentle yet. Maybe more importantly, these toys won't drive grown-ups crazy! And, most importantly, all of these toys are one year-old approved. So, if you're shopping for a first birthday gift, check out our list of the best gifts for one year-olds!

Don't forget to check out our gift guide for 6 year-old boys! And for more of the best kids toys for all ages, you can shop our site by age!

Topanifarm Nest and Stack Blocks DJECO Topanifarm Nest and Stack Blocks + Animals
Recommended for Ages 18 Months+

Six different animals come with 6 differently sized illustrated blocks. Your one year-old can have fun hiding and discovering the animals in the nesting blocks. Your toddler can use this toy for counting, sorting, stacking, and imaginative farm play.

Dimpl Fat Brain Toy Co. Dimpl
Recommended for Ages 6 Months+

Don't be deceived by its simple appearance, there's something terrifically satisfying about this toy. The different color and size bubbles make a satisfying "pop" when the buttons are pushed. It's a great sensory toy, and wonderful for practicing colors, too.

2 in 1 Talking Ball Melissa & Doug K's Kids 2 in 1 Talking Ball
Recommended for Ages 6 Months+

Start your sporty kiddo off with a ball and learning toy in one. The ball can say the ABCs or count to 10, and has reversible fabric panels to show off numbers, alphabet characters, or colors and patterns.

Hape Baby Drum Hape Baby Drum
Recommended for Ages 6 Months+

Forget obnoxious plastic clattering: This wooden drum encourages color recognition and exploring rhythm. Use simply, as is, or add batteries for colorful flashing lights and joyful music.

Roll Again Tower Fat Brain Toy Co. Roll Again Tower
Recommended for Ages 12 Months+

This toy is appropriate for babies and toddlers ages 1 year and up. Just drop a colorful ball in the top and watch the other balls roll down to the next level in unison. It includes five, easy-to-hold balls and requires no batteries.

Indy Elephant Pull Toy DJECO Indy Elephant Wooden Pull Toy
Recommended for Ages 12 Months+

Rumble, trumpet! While your little one is working on walking, they can pull Indy elephant around with them. Indy sweetly and silently prances, unlike a lot of pull toys that make noise.

Christopher Caterpillar Activity Toy Jellycat Christopher Caterpillar Activity Toy
Suitable from Birth

This little caterpillar is not only the cutest, it offers sensory experiences, from squashy soft segments to chunky gray cord.

First Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle Melissa & Doug First Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle
Recommended for Ages 12 Months+

The only thing that can make shapes more fun is if they're in an easy-to-recognize picture - "home" is often one of the first words children understand. These colorful puzzle pieces feature wooden knobs for easy grasping and lifting.

Need more assistance choosing the perfect gift for your favorite one year-old? Our Play Experts are here to recommend more instruments, plush, puzzles, and other gifts 1 year-olds will love. Give us a call during business hours at 303-422-5151!

Best Toys for 1 Year-Olds, www.beyondtheblackboard.com

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