All Things Bubbles for Summer Family Fun in 2022

All Things Bubbles for Summer Family Fun in 2022

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

June 02, 2022 3 min read

Bubbles are a good reminder that when it comes to kids, we just need to keep it simple.

It’s all about the bubbles! Babies love 'em, kids adore them, heck, even big kids and adults get a kick out of them. Universally beloved, insanely affordable and for the parent who just finished their 10th load of laundry, guaranteed good, clean fun!

With summer break finally here, it's time to make a small and worthy investment in a bounty of bubbles. Here are some fun bubbly options to get you popping!

Unicorn Bubble Machine by Good Banana Good Banana Unicorn Bubble Machine

Magically fill the air with scores and scores of bubbles, with our Unicorn Bubble Machine! Instead of getting all sticky for a handful of sad bubbles, this portable bubble maker allows you to create oodles of fun at the touch of a button—it's a piece of cake! This outdoor bubble toy is efficient, and battery-operated (requiring no outlet). You can bring this pint-sized wonder anywhere you need a sprinkling of childhood wonder.

bubble tree aluminum bubble bottles Bubble Tree Aluminum Bubble Bottles - 4 Pack

Bubble Tree bubbles can be used all year round! These aluminum bubble bottles are safe for the environment and safe for your family. Reuse, refill, recycle and share! The four bottles of eco-friendly bubble solution can be refilled, reused and recycled for outdoor fun for ages 3 to 113!

air powered bubble rocket Air Powered Bubble Rocket

Our Air Powered Bubble Rocket is a wonderful outdoor toy. Plus, it's a fun and safe way for kids to release all that summer energy! Perfect for ages 6 and up, this bubble rocket launches up to 20 feet in the air! As an added bonus, 8 ounces of bubble solution are included with your Air Powered Bubble Rocket. This outdoor toy is great for birthday parties, playdates, or any outdoor kids' event!

Ravensburger Puzzle 150 Pieces Disney Bubbles Ravensburger Bubbles 150 Piece Puzzle

With strategically chosen images (ahem, their favorite characters) designed to challenge kids ages 7 and up, this 150-piece puzzle is a wonderful way to sneak some unplugged play into your child's summer day. Puzzling is an amazing way to spend quality time together, build relationships, and make memories that will last a lifetime! Puzzling also develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, memory, focus, and concentration skills. 

bubble blowing whale bath toy Bubble Blowing Whale

This jolly whale loves blowing bubbles! Fill the spout with 3-5 drops of bubble bath or your favorite bath soap and lower it into the bath. This is one of our favorite indoor or outdoor toys for toddlers!

bubble robot Bubble Robot

Construct a bubble blowing robot with this unique robotics kit! Power it up and watch the bubbles float out. This bubble robot kit makes an amazing STEM gift for ages 8 and up (and definitely makes the list of cool toys for teens)!

sticky bubble blobbies frappe Sticky Bubble Frappe Blobbies

Squish 'em, stretch 'em, and toss 'em! Watch them crawl the wall! Blobbies are a fidget toys pack of squishy balls that never lose their stick (even after you wash 'em). You can even wash them to refresh their stickiness. And did we mention that Blobbies glow in the dark? We love to recommend Blobbies as gifts for ages 8 and up. (Pssst. They're also great if you're looking for cheap fidgets.) 

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All Things Bubbles for Summer Family Fun in 2022;

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