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Best Farm Toys for Toddlers and Beyond

Best Farm Toys for Toddlers and Beyond

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

March 25, 2021 3 min read

When searching for farm toys for your kids, it's easy to get lost in an overwhelming selection of items. So, we put together this collection for you of 5 of the best farm toys for children.

These toys offer tons of learning opportunities and open a whole world of imaginative play.

Farm toys help familiarize your kiddos with animals, farm vehicles, and the important machinery that work together to build a successful farm. As you play along, use the opportunity to explain to your child the way of life on a farm and all the hard work that it involves.

If you have an always-curious toddler or a kinder who’s obsessed with petting zoos, hay bales, and horses, in this blog post you’ll find an awesome farm animals set they'll absolutely ADORE.

Smart FarmerSmart Farmer, Recommended for Ages 5+

Smart Farmer is a fun, STEM-focused, cognitive skill building brain game. This puzzle features 60 challenges with horses, pigs, cows, and sheep. Can your child use their brain to separate the animals into different areas?

We love this game because brain games build many skills. Your child will practice their spatial insight, flexible thinking, planning, concentration, and problem solving - all while having so much fun, they might forget they're learning! Beyond the Blackboard parents say that it's fun to watch the excitement of a 5 year-old solving a problem herself and challenging herself with the next level. We hear parents enjoy getting involved with the challenges, too. Fun for the whole family!

My First Farm AnimalsMy First Farm Animals, Recommended for Ages 1+

As a magnetic discovery building set, My First Farm Animals also have a STEM component. You can challenge your kiddo to correctly build a rooster, horse, pig, chicken, cow, or sheep. Or, let them mix and match the soft animal parts for funny creations! 

We love SmartMax sets because they're all compatible with each other. While the magnets are strong and sturdy, the animals are soft. Beyond the Blackboard grown-ups tell us their kids enjoy exploring the animals and how the different parts combine! 

Farm Animal Lacing CardsFarm Animal Lacing Cards, Recommended for Ages 3+

The Melissa & Doug Lace & Trace Farm develops multiple skills. Your child will learn the ins and outs of matching and sorting while honing attention skills and developing hand-eye coordination with this magnificent activity.

We especially love this set as a gift for ages 3 to 5 years old! Beyond the Blackboard grandparents say their granddaughter loves these, and that they're very fun to play with. Hours of fun "sewing".

Chunky Puzzle Farm AnimalFarm Animals Chunky Puzzle, Recommended for Ages 2+

The Melissa & Doug Farm Chunky Puzzle features 8 pieces of durable, easy-to-grasp wood that display funky, fun full-color farm animals. The design of the pieces mean that kids can easily handle them, and the pictures on the board offer clues to the match.

We love this puzzle as a gift for ages 2 to 4 years old! Add in another Melissa & Doug set for engaging, screen free fun. Beyond the Blackboard grown-ups say this puzzle is great for pairing with farm animal books and songs for language development. They also tell us that their children like to play with the animals and even carry them around the house. This puzzle is a big hit with Beyond the Blackboard families!

Honore and Friends Giant Floor PuzzleHonore & Friends Giant Floor Puzzle, Recommended for Ages 3+

The Honore & Friends puzzle is, well, giant. Each puzzle is the shape of a different farm character. Miniatures of each puzzle are included for reference so your child doesn't have to rely on the pictures on the box. The puzzles are progressive and increase in difficulty (from 9 pieces to 12 pieces to 15 pieces). Pile the animals high when all the puzzles are complete. Your puzzle is now over four feet!

We love that this puzzle allows your little one to develop coordination and observation skills. It's sure to be a favorite!

If you discover farm toys via this post that you would like to purchase, please buy through our locally-owned Colorado store. By doing so, you help to support our employees and families and allow us to continue providing you with wonderful, educational toys and games. We appreciate your support! Welcome to the BtB family!

Best Farm Toys for Toddlers and Beyond!, SmartMax My First Farm Animals, Green Toys Farm Playset

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