Best Games for Easter Baskets

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell
March 28, 2022 3 min read

Putting together an Easter basket is always a lot of fun. We love adding toys that are interactive in the baskets we assemble. Games are a great choice! We may be biased since we're a bunch of game nerds and have two shops full of games (no joke!). That being said, there’s no denying that adding to your game collection is an excellent idea!

Family game nights are a great way to bond and make special memories. Not to mention, games help with social skills such as turn taking and good sportsmanship. (Can we also add that this is great for working on sibling rivalry?!)

Depending on the game, and the age its intended for, your children will also work on a variety of skills such as: color identification, math skills, problem solving, etc. We thought it would be fun to suggest games for Easter baskets for our readers! If you are looking for a game to put in your child’s Easter basket this year, here are our top picks for kids of all ages!

Happy Salmon
Happy Salmon is a simple, fast-paced card game packed to the gills with high-fivin’, fin-flappin’ fun. Actions including the classic "High 5", the unifying "Pound It", the frantic "Switcheroo", and the delightful “Happy Salmon” will leave you doubled over in laughter. Each fish allows for 6 players, so you can combine fish and play with even more people!

Ecologicals Brain Teaser Puzzles
Solve a puzzle step-by-step, without leaving a footprint. These classic assembly puzzles are made of eco-friendly bamboo so your conscience can be clear, and you can focus on the challenge in front of you.


 Pop-a-Top Match-a-Martian Game
In this game for kids, roll the dice and try to be the first one to spot the matching alien card!

Addictively simple, and simply addictive, BANANAGRAMS is a fast and frantic word game enjoyed by millions! You and your opponents will aim to use all of your letters to build a word grid in a race to the finish. The first player to use all of their tiles is crowned "Top Banana"!


TENZI party pack Tenzi
Treat your family to a fun and addictive dice game that everyone will love. The goal of TENZI is simple. You need to get all ten of your dice to show the same number. With a fun collection of beautiful and colorful dice, everyone in your family can have their own personal set, and of course, a great family-fun game to enjoy night after night.

Zeus on the Loose
Did you know that, in addition to their supreme powers, the Greek gods were endowed with the special ability to change the course of card games? Well, at least that's the case in Zeus on the Loose! As you figure out how harness the strengths of the various gods within, you'll sharpen strategic thinking along with valuable addition and subtraction skills. A quick warning about Hera: Though she may be the most powerful goddess in the game, don't get on her bad side or else she might wind up helping an opponent steal Zeus and win!

Sleeping Queens card game Sleeping Queens
Rise and shine! It’s a royalty rousing card game. The Pancake Queen, the Ladybug Queen and ten of their closest friends have fallen under a sleeping spell and it's your job to wake them up. Use strategy, quick thinking and a little luck to rouse these napping nobles from their royal slumbers. Play a knight to steal a queen or take a chance on a juggling jester. But watch out for wicked potions and dastardly dragons! The player who wakes the most queens wins.


IQ Arrows IQ Arrows
IQ Arrows offers a whole new direction in puzzle games! Can you place all the puzzle pieces on the gameboard and point the arrows as indicated in your challenge? Watch out! When you rotate a puzzle piece, the direction of the arrows will change. IQ Arrows is a unique travel game featuring 120 challenges, from easy to expert.


 Pocket Yamslam Dice Game
In this game for kids, players have three rolls to achieve the best combination and to grab the matching score chip. Strategy will help you compete for the best chips and earn bonuses!

Beyond the Blackboard is proud to provide your family with hands-on experiences and family bonding opportunities! Whether with our family-owned toy store, or one local to you, please shop small and support your community.


Best Games for Easter Baskets

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