The Best Outdoor Toys for Kids in 2022, According to Our Play Experts

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell
November 21, 2022 2 min read

No matter their age, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children get physical play in every day. And one of the best ways to get kids moving is to keep a well-selected collection of age-appropriate outdoor toys!

To make your holiday shopping easy, we hand-picked the best outdoor toys for kids. Below you'll find the very best outdoor toys for kids in 2022!

1. Marky Sparky Mega Metal Darts, for a fun way to spend family game night. This classic game improves coordination and encourages good sportsmanship. All the fun of darts, but with magnets!

marky sparky mega metal darts

2. The new Faux Bow, which allows them all the fun of true archery, without the risk. They've always wanted their own bow and arrows; now they can have them!

Faux Bow

3. A Launch Rocket Catapult Launcher set, because your little is obsessed with going to Mars someday. The rockets can fly up to 250 feet. Your child might even end up on a Martian mission someday. We can only hope!

launch rocket catapult launcher

4. A pogo stick, perfect for young pogo jumpers everywhere. The pogo stick is no longer a "simple toy"!

red pogo stick

5. A fun Whacky Racket outdoor game with light up boing balls! 

whacky racket

6. A Swingball set, for award winning, portable tether tennis. Play tennis anywhere and never lose the ball again!


7. A scooter, ready to help your child stay mobile and gain some independence. We have so many Micro Kickboards to choose from, all of which can grow with your child through different stages.

Micro Kickboard

8. Vikings of the Northern Lights, the new way to play freeze tag! Vikings compete against Ice Dragons in this dynamic game for almost all ages. The game also works as a toy, and a prop for dress-up.

Vikings of the Northern Lights

9. A Rody Horse they can actually ride! The perfect ride-on toy for toddlers.

Rody Horse

10. A wildly unique riding experience! With the Ezy Roller, roll into hours of active play adventure. Sit back in the comfy seat, brace yourself with the 2 side handles, and start pushing the front bar back and forth with your feet. Immediately, almost magically, you'll start rolling forward quickly!

Ezy Roller

11. Stomprockets Stomp Racers, in case you've got a competitive kiddo on your holiday shopping list. They can duel and launch with friends and family, so you can see who gets to the finish line first!

Stomprockets Stomp Racers

Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion? Visit all of Beyond the Blackboard's gift guides!

Best Outdoor Toys for Kids of 2022

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