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Beyond the Blackboard's Top 100 Boredom Busters; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

Beyond the Blackboard's Top 100 Boredom Busters

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

July 21, 2021 3 min read

"I'm bored!"

Now that we're more than halfway through summer, you may be hearing those two words together a bit more often. Believe it or not, boredom can be a positive thing, as much as grown-ups sometimes feel it's negative. Myriad parenting experts say boredom is essential for kids because it leads to increased creativity and helps your child to grow in important ways.

If your kids are bored, they're forced to come up with their own ways to entertain themselves. Boredom gives our children the opportunity to look inside themselves and think about and develop their own interests and passions!

It's important to remember that a child saying that they're bored doesn't mean that they have actually run out of things to do. 'Boredom' means that what your kids see in front of them isn't stimulating or interesting to them in that moment. When our children say they're bored, it can also be a sign that they're craving need adult attention.

Team BtB has developed a top 100 list of fun ideas for you to do as a family, or to suggest to your kids when they say they're bored. Some of these ideas come with links to items we carry right here at Beyond the Blackboard!

  1. Grow a crystal
  2. Create a LEGO movie
  3. Have a LEGO building contest
  4. Play "house"
  5. Throw a unicorn party!
  6. Learn a magic trick
  7. Make milkshakes
  8. Make homemade mini pizzas
  9. Write a letter to a military or first responder hero
  10. Make slime
  11. Create an Empower Poster
  12. Go for a scooter ride
  13. Create a TV show
  14. Decorate cookies
  15. Paint stepping stones
  16. Make a rice play table for your child
  17. Throw a birthday party for your favorite stuffed animal
  18. Build a couch cushion fort
  19. Make a time capsule
  20. Play "Hangman" or Tic Tac Toe
  21. Create pipe cleaner creatures
  22. Do a puzzle
  23. Make a scrapbook
  24. Paint with watercolors
  25. Have a pillow fight
  26. Cuddle on the couch and read a favorite book aloud
  27. Play "Floor is Lava"
  28. Have a tea party
  29. Make your own popsicles
  30. Play indoor "volleyball" or "soccer" with balloons
  31. Practice origami
  32. Have a geography Bingo tournament
  33. Make candy
  34. Make bracelets
  35. Dress up in your fanciest clothes and have a "5-star" dinner
  36. Make ice cream
  37. Create and go on an indoor treasure hunt
  38. Make a mancala game out of an egg carton
  39. Try a new recipe
  40. Have a bubblegum bubble-blowing contest
  41. Play charades
  42. Play chess
  43. Perform an act of kindness for a neighbor
  44. Take the dog for a walk
  45. Build with toothpicks or popsicle sticks
  46. Practice learning American Sign Language
  47. Build a fort outside
  48. Go for a family hike
  49. Tell scary stories in the dark
  50. Build an Airfort
  51. Create a soapstone carving
  52. Watch videos of your kids when they were younger
  53. Look at wedding or family celebration pictures
  54. Family game night
  55. Play a card game
  56. Learn a clapping game (like "The Cup Game")
  57. Have a picnic on the living room floor
  58. Play "I Spy"
  59. Create a box city
  60. Create a musical instrument out of recyclables
  61. Make shaving cream and food coloring marble art
  62. Domino trains
  63. Make sock puppets
  64. Play "Red Light, Green Light"
  65. Play Hide and Seek
  66. Play Freeze Tag
  67. Create and play hopscotch
  68. Have a paper airplane stunt show
  69. Create a house of cards
  70. Learn to juggle
  71. Practice tongue twisters
  72. Throw a family dance party!
  73. Write a story
  74. Perform a play
  75. Look for shapes and animals in the clouds
  76. Have a pajama party
  77. Clean and rearrange your bedroom
  78. Jump rope
  79. Hula hoop
  80. Bubbles!
  81. Put on a fashion show
  82. Make clay creations
  83. Make a pasta necklace
  84. Make your own play dough
  85. Finger painting
  86. Send postcards to faraway family and friends
  87. Tie-dye an old t-shirt
  88. Have a paper boat floating contest
  89. Make a paper hat
  90. Build a birdhouse or bird feeder
  91. Camp out in the family room or backyard
  92. Grow a butterfly garden
  93. Play a good-natured prank (with adult supervision)
  94. Stargaze
  95. Give the dog a bath
  96. Have 3-legged races
  97. Create an obstacle course
  98. Find and study a spider web
  99. Collect bugs
  100. Practice handwriting

Beyond the Blackboard; Top 100 Boredom Busters

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