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Making Earth Day Fun; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

Making Earth Day Fun: Tips for Celebrating with Kids!

Jacqueline Killian
Jacqueline Killian

March 14, 2024 2 min read

Celebrating Earth Day with kids teaches them to value our home planet. At Beyond the Blackboard, we like to think of Earth Day as a time to provide activities and education for kids that will support them in being earth friendly all year long. Earth Day focuses on way to make our planet a cleaner and better place. The great news is that you can start in your own backyard. Digging in the dirt and planting seeds is a great way to start for a young child. We have some really amazing fairy gardens that create the opportunity for just this. A favorite is the My Fairy Garden Light Unicorn Paradise - the kit includes seeds and soil!

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise


The seeds grow fabulous plants.

The plants create a darling garden for the fairies.

a little girl plays with her My Fairy Garden Light Unicorn Paradise play set

We also have a Make Your Own Squirrel Feeder kit, to attract squirrels to your backyard, patio, or other outdoor spaces! While we don't often think of mammals as pollinators, small mammals like chipmunks, squirrels, and bats are actually important pollinators.

an assembled and brightly painted Make Your Own Squirrel Feeder kit by Mindware

We love carrying products from companies that care about our environment, like Green Toys! They make the most darling Tea Set.

Young hosts can serve up a pot of tea while doing something really good for the earth. Like all Green Toys products, this Tea Set is made from eco-friendly materials, helping to reduce fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions, all in the name of Good Green Fun™! This 17-piece set includes tea pot and lid, sugar bowl with lid, creamer, 4 cups, 4 saucers, and 4 spoons! If you shop in one of our two Colorado retail stores, your items will go home in a recyclable paper bag.

Here is a fun craft for Earth Day, by Laura Kelly, which you can make using one of your brown paper bags from Beyond the Blackboard.

recycled ideas for Earth Day kid crafts

There are free printables in that blog post roundup, too! (Click below to be taken directly to the download.)

Earth Day recycling word search free printable

Yay for Earth Day learning and growing!

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