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Dinosaur Gifts for Littles; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

Dinosaur Gifts for Littles

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

August 19, 2021 3 min read

This blog post was originally posted on August 19, 2021; it was updated on March 11, 2023. Visit our blog library to see the latest in educational toys from Beyond the Blackboard!

BOOM ...

BOOM ...

BOOM ...

The Earth is quaking. Trees are shaking. Enormous eggs are rolling out of enormous nests. What in the world? Brachiosaurus? Nope! It's your favorite little kid with their new favorite dinosaur toys from Beyond the Blackboard.

If you're feeling like your child's obsession with these prehistoric creatures is a little different, think again. Almost a third of all children (typically between the ages of 2 and 6) go through a pinpointed "interest phase". The most common intense interest is vehicles, and the next most popular is dinosaurs.

Though most kids with an early interest in dinosaurs won't become paleontologists, most do grow into grown-ups with fond memories of their "dinosaur phase"! 

From all of us at Beyond the Blackboard, have fun with these gift selections for dinosaur lovers aged 2 to 6. Share your adventures and gifts given with us on social media @beyondtheblackboard.

Dinosaur Slide Show Projector Dinosaur Slide Show

This mini dino projector comes with 3 discs, for a total of 24 dinosaur images to view! Aim the flashlight at a blank surface and create a temporary light display to brighten 'boring' bedtimes. This awesome prehistoric presentation will impress and inform your friends! Or, use it without the discs as a great little flashlight!

Dinosaur Hand Puppet Dinosaur Hand Puppet

A menacing thump. The water ripples. It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex! Make endless silly dino expressions and chomps with this super stretchy T-Rex puppet. The stretchy rubber skin gives these dinos a lifelike look and feel.

Giant Shiny Dinosaur Dominoes Giant Shiny Dinosaur Dominoes

These beautiful jumbo dominoes add dinosaurs and shiny holographic foil to a classic family game the whole family can enjoy together. eeBoo Giant Shiny Dinosaur Dominoes are oversized for little hands, feature 7 different dinosaurs, and are great for developing matching skills.

Paint By Sticker Kids Dinosaurs Paint By Sticker Kids - Dinosaurs

Create pictures of 10 awesome dinosaurs ... with stickers! Step 1: Find the sticker. Step 2: Peel the sticker. Step 3: Place the sticker ...and watch your dinosaur painting come to life! This book includes everything you need to create ten sticker paintings on sturdy stock––plus, all the pages are perforated, making it easy to tear out each finished work to frame and share. Bonus: your book features fascinating dinosaur facts on the back of each painting!

Dino World XL Magna Tiles Set 50 Pieces Magna Tiles Dino World XL 50 Piece Set

Ignite a passion for STEM with our Dino World XL 50 Piece Magna Tiles Set! Something tropi-cool has arrived at Beyond the Blackboard! This Magna Tiles Dino World XL set is larger than prehistoric life with extra large tropical themed tiles and 6 dinosaur figures, including Brachiosaurus, Pteranodon, T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Velociraptor. Each dino has moveable parts to give even more action to your child's imaginative play!

Amahi Dinosaur Ukulele Amahi Ukulele - Dinosaur

The Tropical Series is the latest from Amahi's student line of ukuleles. This ukulele was designed to offer a fantastic ukulele experience for anyone interested in playing! 

Jellycat Bashful Dino Small; Dinosaur Gifts for Littles Jellycat Bashful Dino - Small

A prehistoric pal for the ages! Small Bashful Dino is here to make history alongside your child! Soft instead of scaly, this mossy mate has oversized feet (perfect for stomping), a cuddly snout, and perfectly squishy spines from head to tail! Our dynamic dino is always rambling 'round, giving snuggles to every T-Rex and Triceratops!

Jellycat Mini Stegosaurus Fossilly Jellycat Mini Fossilly Stegosaurus

Gorgeous grassy, with a huggable hump, it's Mini Fossilly Stegosaurus! This darling stuffed animal dinosaur has soft spines, oversized feet, and a long, loping tail. Grand in green and fond of foliage, this Jellycat plush is ready to ramble!

Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Dig Kit; Dinosaur Gifts for Littles Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Dig Kit

Excavate and put together your own model dinosaur skeleton with a Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Dig Kit from Beyond the Blackboard! Perfect for the first-grade paleontologist! 

Crazy Aaron's Dino Scales Thinking Putty; Dinosaur Gifts for Littles Crazy Aaron's Dino Scales Thinking Putty

Did you know that a dinosaur's scaly skin was most likely quite soft and flexible? Just like our Dino Scales Thinking Putty, which is a wonderful fidget or sensory toy! A Lost World adventure in a tin, stretch your Dino Scales Thinking Putty to see shades of green scales and pops of iridescent color move within the clear putty. Prehistoric hues change as you play! An amazing toy for nature lovers and kids. (Sharpie marker "claws" not included.)

What are you picking up for your little ones at Beyond the Blackboard, to celebrate their love for dinosaurs?

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