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Fall & Halloween Jellycat; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

Fall & Halloween Jellycat: Adorable Plushies for #fallvibes & Spooky Season!

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

September 11, 2023 6 min read

Step into the enchanting world of Jellycat this fall! As the leaves change their hues and the air takes on that delightful crispness, we're diving headfirst into a treasure trove of cuteness. From cuddly pumpkins to spooky specters, Jellycat's autumn and Halloween stuffed animals are here to delight your senses and spark your imagination.

Join us on a whimsical journey through this shoppable wonderland of plush. Whether you're seeking a new seasonal snuggle buddy or searching for the perfect Halloween treat, Jellycat has something to enchant everyone. Get ready to cozy up and discover the irresistible charm of Jellycat's fall and Halloween offerings!

Jellycat Fun Guy Ozzie Fun-Guy Ozzie

Meet Ozzie, your fun-loving fungi friend from Jellycat! With his infectious smile and squishable softness, Ozzie is the perfect companion for all your fall adventures. His charming toadstool cap and whimsical design make him a unique addition to any cuddle party. Let Ozzie sprinkle a dash of magic and mirth into your day, whether you're exploring the woods or snuggling up for story time.

Jellycat Pandora Pixie Pandora Pixie 

Pandora Pixie is an enchanting plush Jellycat monster! With her mischievous grin and delightful design, Pandora is here to sprinkle a little whimsy into your day. Her vibrant colors and huggable softness make her a perfect companion for kids and the young at heart. Whether you're seeking a new snuggle buddy or a quirky addition to your plush collection, Pandora Pixie is sure to steal your heart.

Jellycat Brambling Mouse Pumpkin Brambling Mouse in Pumpkin

Whimsical Brambling Mouse is nestled inside a plush Jellycat pumpkin! This adorable set brings the charm of the autumn woods right to you. The cozy pumpkin home and huggable soft mouse make this plush toy duo truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you're celebrating fall festivities or simply seeking a snuggle partner, Brambling Mouse in Pumpkin is your perfect seasonal companion.

Jellycat Ambrosie Squirrel Ambrosie Squirrel

Ambrosie is an adorable squirrel from Jellycat! With his bushy tail and endearing expression, Ambrosie Squirrel is more than just a plush toy; he's a bundle of woodland charm waiting to steal your heart. Embrace the whimsy and enchantment of the forest with this delightful creation from Jellycat!

Jellycat Ambrosie Fox Ambrosie Fox

Introducing Ambrosie Fox from Jellycat! With his rust-colored fur and a twinkle in his eyes, Ambrosie Fox is ready to bring a dash of woodland magic into your life. He's not just a plush toy; he's a companion for adventures, cuddles, and endless smiles.

Bertie Owlet Jellycat Bertie Owlet

Bertie Owlet, the snuggly sensation from Jellycat, is here! With feathers as soft as a moonbeam's glow and eyes that twinkle with mischief, Bertie is more than a plush toy – he's a star in the world of cuddles and creativity. Whether you're diving into dreamland or sharing daytime escapades, Bertie Owlet is the perfect companion.

Jellycat Amuseable Toadstool Amuseable Toadstool

Get ready to be enchanted by our Jellycat Amuseable Toadstool plush! This whimsical wonder of softness brings a touch of forest magic right into your arms. With its quirky design, this plush toadstool isn't just a cuddly companion; it's a ticket to imaginative adventures. Perfect for all ages, this plush plant is your portal to a world where cuddles and creativity collide!

Jellycat Amuseable Pumpkin Amuseable Pumpkin

Get ready for a pumpkin-themed adventure with Jellycat's Amuseable Pumpkin plush! Bursting with personality, this plush is a burst of vibrant whimsy. With its cheerful orange hue, it's a year-round companion for playful moments, imaginative stories, and cozy snuggles. This Amuseable Pumpkin brings smiles to faces of all ages, making it the perfect gift or decor piece that transcends seasons.

Forest Fauna Owl Jellycat Forest Fauna Owl

Discover the enchanting Jellycat forest with our Forest Fauna Owl plush! This adorable, wide-eyed companion is a gateway to a realm of imaginative play. With its earthy tones and captivating design, the Forest Fauna Owl is the perfect blend of nature-inspired charm and whimsy.

Black Kitten Caboodle Jellycat Black Kitten Caboodle

Meet Jellycat's Black Kitten Caboodle - the purrfect Halloween companion for kids of all ages! This plush kitty is a bewitching addition to your Halloween festivities. With its sleek black fur, the Black Kitten Caboodle embodies the spirit of spooky season.

Amuseable Sports Football Jellycat Amuseable Sport Football

Score big on fun with Jellycat's Amuseable Sport Football plush! This playful football isn't for the field, but it is basically a huggable touchdown. With its charming design, soft texture, and irresistible appeal, the Amuseable Sport Football is the perfect game-day companion for kids of all ages. Whether you're a football fanatic or simply love a good cuddle, this plush adds a playful twist to football-themed fun. Embrace the spirit of the game and share the joy of sports with this unique Jellycat creation.

Jellycat Harkle Fox Harkle Fox

Meet Harkle the Fox, your cozy companion for the crisp days of fall and beyond! With his rich russet fur and a hint of autumnal charm, Harkle embodies the spirit of the season. This 15-inch plush fox isn't just a toy; he's a cuddly piece of fall that adds warmth to your day. Crafted with love and designed for all ages, Harkle is the perfect partner for fireside stories, crunchy leaf adventures, and pumpkin patch visits. Embrace the magic of fall and let Harkle be your guide.

Vivacious Vegetable Jellycat Sweetcorn Vivacious Vegetable Sweetcorn

Vivacious Vegetable Sweetcorn is a harvest of happiness in plush form! This delightful corn cob is a celebration of nature's bounty. With its vibrant colors and charming design, Sweetcorn adds a touch of whimsy to learning about the harvest season. Perfect for budding botanists and little foodies, this plush vegetable is designed to inspire curiosity and creativity.

Cosmo Monster Jellycat Cosmo Monster

Meet Cosmo the Monster, the spook-tacular companion you've been waiting for this Halloween season! This stuffed animal isn't just cute; it's a little creature of the night, ready to add a dash of enchantment to your festivities. With its playful design, vibrant colors, and huggable charm, Cosmo embodies the spirit of Halloween. Seeking a cuddly friend for scary stories? This Jellycat creation delivers. Order Cosmo Monster today and make this Halloween unforgettable.

Jubjub Yonnie Jellycat Jubjub Yonnie

Meet Jubjub Yonnie, the cutest little monster in town, just in time for Halloween! This Jellycat plush is a delightful addition to your spooky celebrations.

Beatnik Buddies Jellycat Beatnik Buddy Wippet

Introducing Beatnik Buddy Wippet from Jellycat - the coolest companion around! This stuffed animal is a groove-worthy friend, ready to add a touch of rhythm and fun to your day. With his retro style, vibrant colors, and undeniable charm, Beatnik Buddy Wippet stands out from the crowd.

Beatnik Buddy Sausage Dog is currently sold out.

Jellycat Ooky Bat Ooky Bat

Ooky Bat is your snuggly sidekick for spooky nights and cozy cuddles! This adorably eerie, nocturnal friend is designed to bring a touch of Halloween magic to your everyday adventures. With velvety wings that invite soft hugs and a charmingly mischievous smile, Ooky Bat is a companion that'll make your heart flutter. Whether it's keeping you company on All Hallows' Eve or perched by your side year-round, this bewitching buddy is ready to wing its way into your heart.

Click here to shop Ooky Jack O Lantern!

Carniflore Priscilla Jellycat Carniflore Priscilla

With Carniflore Priscilla by your side, you can enjoy the charm of a lush plant without worrying about watering schedules or sunlight. She's the perfect companion for your desk, bookshelf, or any spot in need of a touch of botanical delight.

Cauldron Cuties Jellycat Cauldron Cuties

Discover the enchanting world of these mini spellbinding companions, ready to brew up a cauldron of imaginative fun! With their charming details, these pint-sized spooky friends are perfect for sparking creativity in young sorcerer apprentices and anyone with a penchant for whimsy. Whether adorning your playroom or adding a touch of magic to your Halloween décor, Cauldron Cuties are here to bring a dash of enchantment to every moment.

Carniflore Tammie Carniflore Tammie

Carniflore Tammie is the plush plant that never wilts and always brightens your day! With its soft, velvety leaves and adorable pot, Tammie adds a touch of greenery and charm to any space, no green thumb required. Perfect for desks, shelves, or as a delightful gift, Tammie is a forever-blooming reminder that a little splash of nature can bring endless smiles.

Jellycat Amuseable Moon Amuseable Moon

Elevate your celestial style with our Amuseable Moon plush companion! This huggable lunar wonder is a cosmic cuddle buddy that brings the magic of the night sky right into your arms. Crafted with soft, moonlight-hued fabric and a charmingly crooked grin, this plush moon is ready to be your interstellar confidant.

Grizzo Gremlin Jellycat Grizzo Gremlin

Meet Grizzo Gremlin by Jellycat - the mischievously adorable stuffed animal that's here to add a sprinkle of whimsy to your day! With his fluffy, furrowed brow and playful expression, Grizzo is the perfect companion for both kids and kids-at-heart. Whether you're snuggling up for a bedtime story or embarking on an imaginative adventure, Grizzo Gremlin is always up for fun.

Spooky Greta Gremlin is currently sold out. Bookmark this post and check back for stock updates!

As autumn's embrace brings a tapestry of rustling leaves and pumpkin-spiced dreams, our handpicked Jellycat plush companions invite you to infuse your days with a dash of whimsy. Embrace the charm of the season with our cuddly pumpkins and enchanting Halloween critters, each a unique muse for imaginative play.

Thank you for shopping with our small, independently owned toy store! Each and every order means the world to us.

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