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Fun and Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Active Kids, www.beyondtheblackboard.com

Fun & Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Active Kids

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

March 25, 2022 3 min read

If you're filling Easter baskets for extra hoppy bunnies this year ...

If you're filling Easter baskets for active kids this year (or trying to encourage your children to get moving), we have some of the very best non-candy items for this year's baskets! At Beyond the Blackboard, we like to encourage grown-ups to put a small amount of candy in baskets, and let learning-through-play toys, games, and books, fill the baskets.

Easter baskets also provide an opportunity to restock things like art supplies, reading material, or active toys (we're sharing some of our favorites below)! Need more ideas? Tell us a little bit about your special someones, and let us handle the decision-making. Order your custom Easter basket fillers here (for all ages)!

 Schylling Paddle Ball Game
Who doesn't love a game of skill? Paddle Ball Game from Schylling Toys, the world leader in retro toys and traditional fun, offers classic, active fun for hours. Light paddles made from real wood make for an easy game to take on a trip to the beach, park, playground, and beyond. A nifty hole at the bottom of the paddle holds the ball when not in use. Best for ages 4 and up.

Jumbo Glitter Jelly Ball
It’s the JUMBO ball that jiggles like jelly. Squeeze it! Bounce it! Throw it! Catch it! It’s super-stretchy and inflates to a jumbo size ball! Inside the ball is spectacularly large glitter to give a sparkle to the jiggle. The Jumbo Glitter Jelly Ball is nearly 3 feet wide when fully inflated and can be inflated and deflated again and again.

3 different spin copters in hot pink, lime green, and neon orange packaging against a black background Spin Copter
Light up the night sky with the Spin Copter - shoot it up into the sky and watch as it glitters in the night sky until it gently returns to you. These fun spin copters can be brought anywhere and are a great treat for the whole family!

Switch Pitch Ball
Give the Switch Pitch Ball a toss in the air and watch the colors magically flip! Hours of fun for those young and old. Collect all the colors!

Airlyft is a new outdoor glider toy that flies over 100 feet! Its revolutionary hollow shape is engineered for maximum lift as air passes through the tunnel. It’s easy for anyone to throw it high or far, with many ways to throw. Throw overhand or underhand. Launch it by its tail or throw it by the ring!

NightBall Basketball
Okay, so this one might not fit *in* the basket, but we had to include it. When the sun goes down, the game gets started with the NightBall Basketball! The NightBall Basketball is unlike any basketball you've ever seen before. Now you can shoot hoops anytime, anywhere, day or night! Its unique Matrix design makes this ball easy to grip, dribble, bounce, and shoot. With super bright LEDs built right into the ball, stun your opponents as you dribble and sink 3 pointers all day and night.


Waboba Wingman Pro Frisbee Waboba Wingman Pro Frisbee
With its larger size and added weight, the soft and flexible Wingman Pro charges the sky with extreme flight precision and stability. This frisbee is perfect for short to long range disc games, and fun for almost any skill level. It can also fly over 200 feet! Our Waboba Wingman Pro Frisbee is best handled by children ages 5 and up.


 Koosh Flingshot Outdoor Toy
The Koosh Flingshot Outdoor Toy comes with a special Koosh ball made for flinging! Just pull it back with the Flingshot as far as you can and see how far it flies! Koosh Flingshot is great for playing outdoors at home, or on the go. It's designed for effortless play for kids ages 6 and older.


 Waboba Mini Ball Water Toy
These water bouncing balls' squishy gel core makes it easy to bounce on water. This outdoor toy is perfect for families, kids, or anyone who just wants to chill out. Waboba Individual Mini Balls are best for ocean and lake play, for children ages 6 and up.

Custom Easter baskets have arrived - click here to order yours now! Thanks for shopping small!

Fun & Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Active Kids Pin, Beyond the Blackboard

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