Gift Learning Through Play Preschooler Holiday Season 2021

Gift Learning Through Play to Your Preschooler This Holiday Season

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

November 08, 2021 2 min read

Lickety-split, your toddler has grown into a 'threenager'. Four going on fourteen. Your preschool age child is imitating you and other adults, working on their problem-solving skills, and engaging in pretend-play. Kids this age are little sponges, ready to explore their environments! At any age, children learn best when they're having fun. Everything can be learning through play if you make it so! Cleaning up can be a game, as much as learning the difference between solids and liquids can be. When your kiddo has fun, they can start learning and building on important concepts.

So, what should your preschooler be learning?

  • Social Emotional Skills
  • Reading Readiness
  • Motor Skills
  • Listening and Sequencing
  • Learning Positions and Directions
  • Size, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, and Counting

Dimpl Pops

Dimpl Pops

Built into the strong, high-quality plastic frame are 18 Dimpl bubbles in two different sizes just waiting to be pushed, poked, and popped again and again. The squishy silicone is fascinating for the fingers. Watching the board go from un-popped to popped is curiously satisfying. Dimpl Pops encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, and calmness.

My Favorite Color; Aaron Becker

My Favorite Color, by Aaron Becker

People always ask children for their favorite color. But who said they can only have one? Open this gorgeous board book to find an ode to ever-changing colors, offering a spectrum of hues evoking the sun, the sea, clouds, and dew-dappled fruit. In colorful grids of small squares—some translucent inserts, some painted on the page—Aaron Becker uses layering to make colors shift and transition from spread to mesmerizing spread.

Veterinarian Set

Veterinarian Set

Use your child’s stuffed animals to set up an imaginary vet’s office. Don't forget their veterinarian dress-up set! What will the pets need? Have your child help you gather bowls for food, blankets, a large storage container for a pretend bath, towels, a place to examine pets, and a brush for their fur. You can use wax paper to make pretend x-rays they can hold up to the light and examine!

Hape garden vegetables cutting food

Hape Garden Vegetables Cutting Food

Trim the stems and then use the play knife to cut the green pepper, tomato and more. The vegetables are held together with self-stick tabs and come apart for extra realism.

cooking essentials cutting food Hape

Cooking Essentials Cutting Food by Hape

It's time for dinner! Help to get things ready by trimming, peeling and chopping the vegetables and grating the cheese on your own cutting board.

Airfort beach ball


Imaginary beaches are the best on snowy days! Spread out your beach blankets and fort indoors, grab your sand buckets, and put on your swimming suits for a fun day in the sun. You can do all sorts of things like collect sea shells, go surfing, or catch fish! Maybe you can even have a picnic at the beach!

Brain Quest workbook PreK

Brain Quest Book - Pre-K

Brain Quest workbooks are curriculum-based exercises and activities aligned with common core standards. This workbook complements our recommended gifts to make learning from home not only educational, but fun!

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