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10 of the Best Glow in the Dark and Light Up Toys for 2023; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

10 of the Best Glow in the Dark and Light Up Toys for 2023

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

April 13, 2023 3 min read

When the weather turns, our thoughts immediately go to playing outside. All of the sudden we're trading in LEGO kits, wooden blocks, and car tracks for bubble machines, things that glow in the dark, and light up toys. In some ways, it's almost simpler to shop for gifts for kids during the warmer months. This time of year, they're interested in grass and bugs, outdoor sports, and gardening pursuits. But kids want to play all year round. 

With that in mind, these are some of our favorite glow in the dark and light up toys for this year. They include toys that have been tested by our play experts, bestsellers from our brick-and-mortar shops, and other items that Team BtB just can't get enough of. You'll be sure to find something for every boy and girl you're shopping for this year, whether it's for a birthday, field day, last day of school, summer celebration, or just because.

Best Overall Light-Up Gift for 13 Year-Old Girls

Dragonfly String Lights iScream Dragonfly String Lights

Get your glow on! These colorful Dragonfly String Lights can brighten any room, making for sweet room decor. Take their aesthetic to a new level with a string of 10 pastel LED dragonfly lights. In hues of soft yellow, minty green, light pink and lavender, these string lights are sure to make any tween, teen, or grown-up smile!

Beyond the Blackboard "Best Toy" Award Winner (You Know, if We Gave Awards)

Mini Lite Brite Mini Lite Brite

Make small pictures with the World's Smallest Lite Brite. This is the tiniest Lite Brite you've ever seen!

Retro Gift for Ages 5+

Moon Glow Marbles Moon Glow Marbles

This net of marbles has a special shooter that glows in the dark!

Inexpensive Gift for 14 Year-Old Boys

Simpl Dimpl Glow in the Dark Keychain Simpl Dimpl Glow in the Dark Keychain

Accessorize house keys, a pencil case, and so much more with the Simpl Dimpl Glow in the Dark Keychain. Textured on one side and smooth on the other, the Simpl Dimpl is an excellent gift for children and grown-ups. Wonderful for stress relief and helping concentration, this inexpensive fidget can be worn almost anywhere! 

Best Light-Up Gift Under $10

Unicorn Slide Show Unicorn Slide Show

A miniature projector with 3 discs of over 20 unicorn images to view! Or, use it without the discs and it's a wonderful little flashlight! 

Best Gift for 7 Year-Olds

2 in 1 Invisible Writer 2-in-1 Invisible Writer

Exchange secret messages with siblings or friends, with our invisible writer pens! The pen has a black light in the cap so you can read messages written in the invisible ink. Each pen can also write like a normal blue pen so the secret is safe!

Best Low-Tech Gift for 10 Year-Olds

Spin Copter Beyond the Blackboard Spin Copter

Light up the night sky with a Spin Copter from Beyond the Blackboard. Shoot it into the sky, and watch as it lights up above your head and gently returns to you like a boomerang. Spin Copters make amazing travel toys and are a wonderful gift for anyone in your family, or an entire family!

Best Fidget Toy for 12 Year-Olds

Glow in the Dark Nee Doh Glow in the Dark Nee Doh

Fidget in the dark! If it's time to mellow out, they need Nee Doh to knead. Grab this glow in the dark glob and give it a squeeze. A groovy glow of enlightenment is sure to follow. Glow in the Dark Nee Doh will blow their mind and soothe their soul!

Best Little Gift for Little Kids

Glo Pals Glo Pals

Glo Pals are here to help you reinvent bath time and water play! With so many new friends, they'll have a hard time choosing which ones to play with. Each Pal, made in the U.S.A., has their own unique face and a bright, light-up color that shines when wet. Glo Pals are a wonderful addition to bath time, pool time, or a rainy day!

Unique Gift for Any Age

Gloplay stickers Gloplay Stickers

Brighten their room with Gloplay stickers. Brighter than any other glow-in-the-dark stickers on the market, Gloplay stickers will light up any dark space, adding amazing vibrance to even the darkest of rooms. 

This list has been carefully selected by our co-owner, Carah Killian, who, after years of buying toys and keeping track of trends, develops lists based on what's currently popular and what our Beyond the Blackboard families have consistently loved.

10 of the Best Glow and the Dark and Light Up Toys for 2023

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