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How to Use Tonies in the Classroom; www.beyondtheblackboard.com

How to Use Tonies in the Classroom

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

January 18, 2024 3 min read

Enchanting Classrooms with Tonies

Greetings! Let's embark on an extraordinary journey to the heart of teaching, where Tonies, those magical storytellers, can help you orchestrate a symphony of creativity, learning, and even peace. Tonies aren't just music and story players; they can also be dynamic classroom tools.

left hand holding up the Tangled Tonies character in front of an orange dot decal on the Beyond the Blackboard storefront in Aurora Colorado
Testimonials: Tonie Tales from Real Classrooms

Before we dive into the many ways Tonies are transforming classrooms, let's read some praise from real teachers who have included Tonies in their learning environments:

1. Original Creations in Second Grade: "I use 3 [Tonies] in my 2nd grade classroom. One for original content creation, one for whole group listening, and one to send home over the weekends with my star student!"

2. Pre-K's Daily Dose of Imagination: "In Pre-K, Tonies are woven into our daily routine! From original stories to creative exercises, the possibilities are endless."

3. Math and Melodies: "I'm a math teacher, and I've harnessed the power of creative Tonies for music for transitions."

4. Tonie Time Creativity in First Grade: "I have 2 with a splitter, so 6 kids can listen at the same time. We use Tonies not just for stories but for recording our own classroom jingles and creative expressions during free time."

5. Awesome Preschool Adventures: "I'm a preschool teacher, and I use creative Tonies to record our own little narratives. Whether it's the adventures of a classroom puppet or the next day's schedule, the kids love it!"

three different Tonies lined up on a white shelf against a turquoise blue background, with blue Tonies headphones in the lineup as well
Creative Classroom Applications for Tonies

Original Content Extravaganza

In the vibrant realm of second-grade imagination, Tonies become not just storytellers but platforms for budding authors and narrators. Using creative Tonies, students can record their own stories, share personal anecdotes, or even collaborate on creative projects, fostering a sense of ownership and pride.

Pre-K's Daily Dose of Imagination

For our Pre-K peeps, Tonies become the heralds of creativity. From recording original stories for your students, to capturing the giggles of a classroom puppet's escapades (as mentioned above), Tonies can seamlessly integrate into the daily tapestry of imaginative learning.

Math and Melodies

Calling all math teachers! Tonies can help you transform equations into catchy tunes or mathematical concepts into rap masterpieces. Imagine custom math chants, recorded by you (or with the help of your students!) and replayed to reinforce concepts.

Tonie Time Rotations in First Grade

In the bustling world of first-grade rotations, Tonies become timing tools. Use Tonies to signal your class that it's time to move, and let a musical Tonie play for the appropriate duration. When the Tonie stops, students should be at their next center. If you have a classroom audio enhancement system, we suggest using this to make your Tonie loud enough for your class to hear clearly.

Calm and Cozy in Preschool

In preschool, Tonies become tools for calm down corners and cozy cubes. Whether it's tales to accompany tactile activities, or ambient sounds to help manage big feelings, Tonies can help you engage multiple senses, enriching the experiences you create for your littlest learners.

Tonies at Beyond the Blackboard Toy Store

Here in our cute Arvada and Aurora, Colorado toy stores, we're delighted to carry Tonies for your educational odysseys. Venture to our Tonies collection, available both in-stores and online, to discover the stories, songs, and creative tools that will become your classroom's creative companions.

Remember: every day is an opportunity to spark creativity and inspire young minds!

Happy storytelling! Happy song singing! Happy listening! Happy creating!

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