Interactive Games to Teach Sight Words to Beginning Readers

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell
September 28, 2020 2 min read

Recognizing high frequency words and sight words is an important learned skill and part of teaching emerging readers. High frequency words and sight words have to be memorized, so kids need lots of practice and repetition with these words. At Beyond the Blackboard, we love using games to teach sight words at home and in the classroom.

Teaching sight words can be stressful because, if you're a teacher, you have a class filled with students who learn at different paces and in different ways.

If you're a care giving grown-up, practice and repetition can be tiresome. Yet, your student needs this!

Teaching sight words can be approached from many different directions. 

Interactive Games to Teach Sight Words to Beginning Readers

These games to teach sight words are all super fun! They give kiddos the opportunity to practice identifying, building, and reading sight words, all while playing interactive games.

Pop for Sight WordsPop for Sight Words

Students will 'gobble' up handfuls of fun as they recognize and read aloud sight words. Your child will improve their fluency as they pick word cards from the popcorn box, and keep all the words they can read correctly! We love this game because it engages kids with its colorful and creative popcorn theme, and because it involves competitive play.

Zingo! Sight WordsZingo! Sight Words

Zingo! Sight Words is a fun and interactive game that brings fast-paced word excitement and learning to the classic game of Bingo! We love it because your players will learn to quickly recognize and read sight words (which have spelling that isn't always the most straightforward). The sight words in this fun word game have been specially selected by leading educators as the most fundamental for reading development.

Slam Ships! cardsSlam Ships! Sight Word Game

Start by grabbing one of 4 colorful UFO slammers, each of which comes with a suction cup base, and spreading out some of the set's sight word cards across the table. After one of the sight words is called out, spot the card with the word on it, then slam down your UFO to capture and collect it. Like other "swat" games, the player with the most sight word cards at the end of the round wins! Every time they slam, kids build the vocabulary and word recognition skills they need to succeed at reading and spelling. The Slam Ships! Sight Words Game also grows with them: the set's 110 double-sided sight word cards come in 5 different levels that help you increase difficulty and introduce new concepts for a fun twist.

Sight Word Space Station

Teach 48 high-frequency sight words with this concentration-style game that includes color-coded cards for two levels of play. Children practice reading and memory skills by finding sight word pairs. As a fun bonus, an alien space station is revealed as matched cards are removed from the board. Perfect for up to 8 players!

At this time, this game is available in-store only. Call us at 303-422-5151 to reserve yours!

For additional sight word practice, check out our Sight Word Flash Cards!

Interactive Games to Teach Sight Words to Beginners

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