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Stocking Stuffers Both Kids and Adults Will Love

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

December 09, 2021 3 min read

What a year! And the holidays are here! While we have your attention, we want you to know that we do our best to make sure your items arrive by your desired date. Shipping is especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

Shipping times can vary based on where in the United States you live, how many items you purchase from our woman-owned business, and more. Order now to ensure your gifts arrive on time and when you need them.

Here are some of our favorite small delights to excite all ages:

A miniature card game everyone can enjoy. Add cards to a grid, making sure that color, shape, and number are either all the same or all different across the line. Sounds easy but as the grid expands, so do the possibilities. Whoever sees the opportunities will seize the win!

Iota game

Great review: "I love it a lot! My husband and I can't stop playing it. It is like Scrabble with symbols. An excellent game. We've had hours of fun already."

A soft, night lamp companion for easy drifting to Dreamland.


Lovely review: "My daughter loves it and the various light features."

A tin of putty, sure to capture the attention of anyone.

Crazy Aaron's Mixed Emotions Thinking Putty


A pack of air clay from Hey Clay. The animals are cute, and the clay is easy to mold into shapes - win-win!

Hey Clay Animals

Hey Clay is designed to spark creative genius! It inspires curiosity to discover various shapes and colors, and imagination to create unique craft designs. When the creations are finished and dried, play with them or collect them.

A Mini Lite-Brite for quick picture creations on the go.

Schylling Mini Lite Brite

The box comes with 150 pegs and 15 picture templates.

A dreamy bath bomb.

Dream Chaser Bath Bomb

Let your dreams run wild!

A Baby Yoda speaker they can listen to any kind of music out of.

The Child Baby Yoda Bluetooth Speaker


A keychain tape measure for even the smallest projects.

Keychain Tape Measure

Magnificent review: "It's nice and small so you can carry it easily, and it's strong enough to last. Works great for the small jobs I use it for!"

A Spin Copter for lighting up the night sky.

Spin Copter

Shoot it up into the sky and watch as it glitters in the night sky until it gently returns to you. These fun Spin Copters can be brought anywhere and are a great treat for the whole family!

The ultimate stress ball for mellowing out and finding inner peace.

Snow Ball Crunch

Terrific review: "I love that it makes a 'crunching' sound just like squeezing snow! I love that, when you squeeze it, the stuff on the inside can be seen and it looks just like snow!"

A great mental challenge to solve at home or on the move.

Rubiks Cube Classic

Wonderful review: "The joy of the three by three version is that beginners can just have fun trying to solve one side, others can try solving two sides, and (probably with some online help), you can also try to solve the whole thing."

A Mini Buddha Board so you can live in the moment.

Mini Buddha Board

Amazing review: "This was the perfect gift for my brother who is studying art. I want one myself! The packaging is really cool. I'm very impressed!"

A Switch Pitch Ball for hours of fun.

Switch Pitch Ball Blue Yellow

Delightful review: "The toy will keep you entertained for days. The switch happens so quickly it's hard to comprehend what actually occurred. It does not take much to get the color to switch as a slight flick above the throwing hand will flip the color. Eye catching fun for anyone within eyeshot."

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