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Super Science Easter Basket Ideas, www.beyondtheblackboard.com

Super Science Easter Basket Ideas - Beyond the Blackboard

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

March 10, 2022 3 min read

Egg-cellent Gifts for Young Scientists!

What can you give kids in their Easter baskets besides (or instead of) candy? At Beyond the Blackboard, we love to think of themes. A science theme is a fun and educational option!

We want to share some fun little gifts for spring basket items that work for kids of a wide range of ages. These super fun Easter basket stuffers will keep your kids busy for weeks after baskets have been opened!

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 Heebie Jeebies Whirlpool Fizzy Bottle Tornado Science Tube

Simply add water and a couple of plastic bottles to create your own tornado whirlpools (among other experiments). The included booklet has additional experiments and other ways to use your tube for learning! Our Tornado Science Tube makes an amazing Easter basket addition for kids ages 5 and up.

Jumbo Magnifier

An extra-large magnifying glass will put science 'on the big screen' for your younger kids. If you're a teacher, hand out the Jumbo Magnifier as a spring gift to introduce scientific exploration and investigation! Be sure to tell your students that this is a tool that real scientists use! This Jumbo Magnifier is perfectly sized for small hands and is ideal for an up-close look at crawlies, rocks, fabrics, and more. Our Jumbo Magnifier makes an awesome Easter basket filler or classroom prize for children ages 3 and older.

Sea Monkeys

You may remember "the world's only INSTANT PETS!" from your own childhood. Well, the amazing and original Sea monkeys are still around! Grow your own sea monkeys with this incredible kit. Each aquarium has a vented lid and built in magnifiers. You also get water purifier, instant live eggs, food, and instructions. The best part? Your sea monkey pets can live up to two years! Sea monkeys make a delightful Easter basket stuffer for kiddos ages 6 and up.

hand boiler Hand Boiler

Another classic! Our hand boiler is a great science toy for teens and grown-ups, and a fabulous demonstration of energy transfer. Holding the lower bulb in in your hand causes the liquid inside to boil, shooting into the top bulb as a result. The hand boiler is an excellent Easter gift for ages 14 and older.

Ooze Labs 9: Glowing Galaxy Slime

Parent Review: "This was a really fun experiment, and as a parent I loved that the mess was contained to the tube and a cookie sheet we used as 'backup' for any mess created. The kids loved it!" This introduction to the world of slime makes a fabulous Easter basket filler for kids ages 7 and up.

Primary Science Big View Bug Jars

These rainbow-colored jars are topped by "ladybug wings" that open and close, inviting little learners to observe insects. When the wings open, a 3.5x magnifying glass is revealed. A screw-on cap and built-in air vents keep your captured critters safe and secure. Don't forget to free your bugs once your investigations are complete! Primary Science Big View Bug Jars are fantastic Easter basket stuffers for preschoolers and children ages 3 and up.

I Dig It! Rocks and Fossils

Who knew you could hold a geological expedition in the palm of your hand?! Each one of these fun excavation blocks contains a real mineral or fossil specimen. What a fun surprise! Which one of the specimens will be uncovered? Use the included tool to dig in and find out. I Dig It! Rocks and Fossils can also fit in larger Easter eggs and are great Easter egg fillers for kids ages 5 and up.

Jellyfish Diver Jellyfish Diver

Learn all about buoyancy and the Archimedes principle with the Jellyfish Cartesian Diver! Jellyfish Divers come in 3 different colors and are incredible additions to science themed Easter baskets for preschoolers and kids ages 3 and up.

 Heebie Jeebies Dino Jewels and Pharao Gems Crystal Growing Kits

Explore the world of science with these STEM toys for ages 8 and up. Cast your stone shape, then watch it become encrusted with crystals! 

Now, go put together the best science themed Easter basket!

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Super Science Easter Basket Ideas, crystal growing kits, Jellyfish Divers

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