Toys Your 8 Year Old Will Actually Play With and Maybe Learn a Little From

Toys Your 8 Year-Old Will Actually Play With (and Maybe Learn a Little From)

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

December 02, 2021 3 min read

Lucky for the 8 year-old in your life that you've got this list - especially around the holidays!

We hope you love the toys we recommend! All of these toys were selected by our play experts. Thank you for shopping small.


Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

A Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza card game, to turn game night into a slapping good time when everyone rids themselves of cards first - just watch out for the gorilla, narwhal, and groundhog.

Note: No actual cats or goats will be harmed in this game.

Here's how you play: Each player places a card from their hand face up into a community pile while saying taco/cat/goat/cheese/pizza in player sequence. When the card matches the mantra — boom! — everyone slaps their hand on the deck, with the last one to slap picking up the cards. Whoever rids themselves of cards first wins! For extra fun, special action cards – the gorilla, narwhal, and groundhog — force players to make certain gestures before racing to slap the deck!

Amazing Review: "We have so much fun playing it, even friends that aren't sure end up joining the game a few minutes after seeing it played. We can't hold in our laughter for more than a few rounds!"


Sing-along Bling Karaoke Microphone

A kids' karaoke microphone, for young crooners to sing along to their favorite songs (via Bluetooth connection).

Awesome Review: "So happy that I got the Sing-along Bling. Not only does my granddaughter love it, I have a great time with it also."

Chroma Cube

A cryptic Chroma Cube puzzle that can easily occupy their time as they twist and turn the cubes to solve the puzzles.

How it works: The 12 wooden cubes may look innocent enough while sitting in their tray but figuring out what cube belongs in which spot can be quite the challenge. Try to decipher the cryptic clues on any of the 25 puzzle cards that accompany this set to determine how the colors should be arranged. If you're stumped, don't worry! The answers to each puzzle are on the back of the card.


Robotics Smart Machines Super Sphere

A Super Sphere Robotics Smart Machine, for young STEM enthusiasts who'd love nothing more than to build a working robot (that won't result in any damage to your home). 

Delightful Review: "We are only halfway through this kit, but we're really having a wonderful time! The assembly directions are somewhat complex but are totally doable. The Bluetooth controls work well. The operational programs all seem to work, and they're quite amusing."

Hey Clay Animals

An 18-can pack of non-sticky Hey Clay Animals air-dry clay that comes with an interactive instructions app to help kids mold cute and colorful creatures.

Excellent Review: "We got this for our daughter for Hanukkah, and it was a bigger hit than we anticipated. She loves art projects of all kinds but gets discouraged when it doesn’t look like what she wants it to. The app made this super easy for her to create the perfect little animals (she is 7). She loved the end result and has played with them daily since creating them. She’s asking for a different set (maybe the bugs) for her birthday. We love this Hey Clay set."

Dizzy 6 in 1 Gyroscope

A gyroscope machine that teaches STEM concepts and the basics of gyroscopes through an easy-to-build, hands-on learning kit. If your kid shows any interest in engineering or NASA, then this is a must-get toy for them.

Team BtB recently had a chance to see this play set in all of its glory at one of our holiday trainings, and we've been anxiously awaiting our customers' reviews. This set is next-level and teaches the very basics of balance and more! We can't wait for our own special kids to play with this!


MoodJoy Wellness Stationery Set

A mood-boosting wellness stationery set with stickers and fill-in-the-blank reflection pages.

OMG Pop Fidgety

A Pop Fidgety Glitter Square sensory toy that your child will literally decompress in order to, well, decompress themselves. These toys are so great for a kid who's feeling stressed or anxious. A simple (and helpful and fun) tool.

Fabulous Review: "So amazing. The colors are beautiful and the pop-it is easy to manipulate and fun."

Don't forget to video the reaction you get from the kids when they open their gifts!

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