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Traveling with Kids Best Travel Toys Games

Traveling with Kids: The Best Travel Toys and Games

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

July 25, 2022 3 min read

Shop this list of some of the best travel toys of 2022, for toddlers to teens!

Let’s get down to business. (Cue Donny Osmond.) If you’re traveling with kids soon, you probably don’t have time to read an eloquent introduction, filled with adorable anecdotes about how amazing our own children behave, and how patient and entertaining the Team BtB grownups are on things like 8-hour road trips to Nebraska, for family visits. :: wink wink :: You need creative stuff to entertain your kids. This, we can help with!

Fat Brain Dimpl Digits Dimpl Digits

Touch, push, pop, and learn! Squishy, silicone bubbles captivate little fingers in a way that's impossible for them to put down. On one side, the bubbles are embossed with the numerals 1 through 10, each accompanied by its matching word in English. Flip it over and you'll find the words written in Spanish, plus dots to feel and count! Colorful, unique, and wonderfully tactile - tiny fingers can't resist the number-learning delight of Dimpl Digits.

Mermaids and Magic Paint by Sticker Kids Paint by Sticker Kids - Mermaids & Magic

Paint by Sticker Kids: Mermaids & Magic includes everything your kiddos need to create ten bright and magical images, including mermaids, unicorns, crystal balls, Pegasus, and more! All the pages are perforated, making it easy to tear out each finished work to frame and share! Plus, this Paint by Sticker book includes glitter stickers. Need we say more?

Plus Plus Travel Case Plus-Plus Travel Case

Carry Plus-Plus pieces and a baseplate everywhere. The Travel Case is great to take to restaurants, on road trips, or anywhere you're on the go! The Plus-Plus Travel Case comes with 100 Plus-Plus pieces and 1 white Baseplate. If your family is new to Plus-Plus, it's a great starter kit! 

Dinosaur Escape Shiny Mosaics Dinosaur Escape Shiny Mosaics Art Kit

Escape into exciting imaginative play! Featuring numbered patterns, bright colors, and thick magnetic pieces that are easy for small fingers to move into place, your children can follow the color guides to reveal characters or use the blank backgrounds to create their own dinosaur friends. 10 patterns, 2 create-your-own-mosaic backgrounds and over 300 magnetic shapes store securely in a travel case with pop-up easel play surface. It doesn't get any easier.

Wonder Stix Small Play Mat Kit Wonder Stix Small Playmat Kit

This set is great for traveling, play dates, dinner time, restaurants, and more! Draw directly on the playmats, remove with a damp cloth and start over and over again! Portable and mess-free.

IQ Stixx IQ Stixx Puzzle Game

Use your tricks and stack up the sticks! Five horizontal pieces need to fit on top of 5 vertical ones. Can you criss-cross the sticks in this travel friendly puzzle game with 120 sticky challenges? Playing IQ Stixx stimulates concentration and problem-solving skills!

glow-in-the-dark magnatab Glow-in-the-Dark Magnatab

Aspiring artists “draw” on this gridded tablet using the included magnetic stylus. As they go, the stylus picks up the magnetic beads inside the tablet and fills in the holes on the grid, leaving behind a dotted line. The grid is reset by lightly pushing the beads back in the holes. We appreciate that, unlike traditional drawing and painting activities, there's nothing to wipe up. Easy to play at home or in the car, kids in a range of ages will find this fun!

hidden woods paint with water Hidden Woods Paint with Water

Paint the woodland animal themed pictures using the water pen included to reveal the hidden colors. This set has a magical effect that children can repeat as many times as they want. It includes a practical and mess-free refillable water brush pen and a rigid tray to support the 4 picture boards. It also features adorable illustrations by Sigrid Martinez. We love this painting set for little ones!

whirly squigz Whirly Squigz

Each high-quality Whirly Squigz, with a large suction cup on the back, spins freely with just a bump from a tiny hand, helping your baby understand cause and effect. You'll be happy to know that Whirly Squigz stick to restaurant tables, airplane windows, hotel tubs, grandma's fridge, and just about anything with a smooth surface. An excellent distraction for a fussy toddler!

Looking for more toy recommendations? There's lots more to read on our blog!

Traveling with Kids: The Best Travel Toys and Games

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