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unique gifts with wheels (for a wheely great fall); www.beyondtheblackboard.com

Unique Gifts With Wheels (For a Wheely Great Fall)

Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell

October 21, 2021 4 min read

We may only be a few weeks into fall, but it's already the holidays at Beyond the Blackboard - and we're getting new toys in every day. Don't run the risk of not being able to get what's on your kids' wish lists - start your holiday shopping right away. Whether you're shopping for toddlers or teens, we have worked tirelessly to find the wheely wonderful toys you can shop below!

Holiday catalog items are online now. Get a jump on hundreds of new items as holiday catalogs continue to land in mailboxes!

Fuel 'N Duel Rocket Racers Fuel 'N Duel Rocket Racers

It's sheer excitement watching your race cars blast down the track! Safe, non toxic materials are all part of this ultimate chemistry racing kit. With endless customization for their race cars, kids can unleash their creativity while learning about speed and power. Build the track, mix the fuel, watch the reaction, and ZOOM! Comes with lots of cool accessories, like extra wheels, fuel tanks, sleds, plows, and more, plus ideas for sparking curiosity.

Razzle Dazzle Wheelbrightz Razzle Dazzle Wheelbrightz

Light up your bike with the brightest LEDs in town! These bicycle wheel lights for front and rear wheels turn everyday rides into celebrations! These LED bike wheel tube lights are designed with a full 7' of weather-resistant tubing for superior outdoor protection and longer-lasting wear. Wheelbrightz are designed to fit bikes 20" to 29" and can be cut to size or spiraled within bike spokes for wheels smaller than 20". 

Micro Mini Deluxe Magic Scooter with LED Wheels and Handlebars Purple Micro Mini Deluxe Magic Scooter

Children ages 2 to 5 love the Mini Deluxe ride with LED wheels, and you will love the years of fun and exercise it gives. The smooth gliding Mini Deluxe scooter has a curving and carving action that allows kids to surf the sidewalk like a skateboard, with the handlebar providing greater control and maneuverability. Kids use their body weight and handlebar to lean into a turn, resulting in smooth, safe turns. This scooter has an anodized stem for extra protection against wear and tear, a unique, silicone-injected footplate for improved grip, and an adjustable T-bar, meaning that as your child grows, their Mini Deluxe will grow with them.

DJECO Clip 'N' Roll Building Set Clip 'N' Roll Building Set

This 15 piece set is a very adorable way to build fine motor skills in children ages 3 and up. Clip together and build fun moveable vehicles.

Turbo Twister RC Car Turbo Twister Remote Control Car

This radio control light up stunt action car performs a variety of stunts - wheelies, spinning, tumbling, jumping, sidewinding and more! The Turbo Twisters Stunt RC Car contains a patented technology that includes a 360 degree rotating front axle. Each car contains 6 LED lights that change color! Watch the translucent tires and wheels light up as you make your car flip, tumble, roll, dance and do wheelies.

Exost Pixie RC Cruiser Exost Pixie RC

Boasting tough, rubber grip tires and spring-loaded suspension, the Pixie Cruiseris a fierce AND cute adversary! Tear up the pavement or asphalt! With speeds up to 5 miles per hour and a straight run time of 45 minutes, your little one will rule the road! The Pixie Cruiser comes with all required batteries so you can race it right out of the box! The set includes 6 AA batteries for the car and one 9V battery for the remote control. The 27 mega hertz frequency wireless remote gives you total control over your Pixie Cruiser's maneuverability! The intuitive controls feature multi-directional operation!

LEGO Technic Jeep Wrangler LEGO Technic: Jeep Wrangler

Any vehicle-loving kid would be proud to own a high-performance 4X4. There’s a button to operate the front steering and its powerful axle-articulation suspension means kids will love testing out their model on obstacles around the home. With opening doors and hood, fold-down rear seats, a full-size spare tire, winch, and classic Jeep branding, this fun toy model car brings kids closer than ever to the real Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. This awesome model comes complete with authentic Jeep® Wrangler details, like the classic round headlamps, seven-slot grille, and fold-down rear seats. An engaging challenge for young LEGO builders, LEGO Technic offers advanced building toys for young LEGO fans ready for their next fun challenge. With realistic mechanisms, these collectible toys are a great way to introduce kids to engineering concepts. This Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon toy model measures over 4.5" (12cm) high, 9.5" (24cm) long, and 5" (13cm) wide, making this car a great size for play or display.

Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game

It will take more than a little skilled driving to get the red car out of this traffic jam. You'll have to use brainpower! In Rush Hour sliding block logic game, you battle gridlock and slide blocking vehicles out of the way to create an exit. With all-new challenges ranging in difficulty, players can progress at their own speed. One of the best games of all time, this logic game is a must-have for every household game cabinet!

Zig and Go domino racing set Zig and Go

Discover Zig & Go, the ultimate domino race set. It's chain reaction domino action with this fast moving activity toy. Build different layouts and tracks, start the action and watch the reaction. It's a big, beautiful, STEM building toy teaching cause and effect, action/reaction, potential energy, momentum and early physics, all through engaging play. One part science, one part art, and 100% fun! Add all the sets together for the ultimate Zig & Go experience. 


Thank you for your continued support of our family-owned toy store!

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