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Looking for the best toys for 5- to 8-year-olds? Here's the toy collection for you! Our big kids need imaginative, open-ended play. By encouraging our big kids continue to play with toys, we are allowing them to do "the work of children".

Check out BeyondTheBlackboard.com for toys for 5-year-old girls and toys for 8-year-old boys. Here you'll find LEGO toys and LEGO sets galore! Check out our LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Mandalorian kits from the Star Wars films and Star Wars shows. Shop LEGO City and LEGO Minecraft kits to imagine different worlds. Don't forget LEGO Marvel! Beyond the Blackboard also has toys that range from games and puzzles to arts and crafts, to stuffed animals and learning toys, to vehicles and remote-control toys. Encourage kids to explore their world with staples like baby dolls, dinosaur toys, and trucks. Get them building with Magna-Tiles! Unicorn toys are still a thing. We have LEGO Minifigures surprise packs. Buy collectible toys like Palm Pals, Squishables, and Calico Critters. Check out our electronic and tech toys like robot toys and toy cars. We also carry fidget toys, and the classic Jumbo Rainbow Spring. There are so many girl toys and boy toys to choose from at Beyond the Blackboard! Shop our games for girls and games for boys, and have fun with strategy games. Browse scooters from Micro Kickboard and take the fun outside! Play with bubbles or an Airfort. We have the best kids toys!