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Looking for arts and crafts activity books for the special children in your life? These wonderful new art activity books for kids are filled with myriad activities you can do at home, on the go, or in a classroom!

We love perusing all the new books filled with arts and crafts, and other creative activities. There's just so much potential within those pages! We imagine afternoons filled with joyful creating. We see activities that will inspire children, bring families together, and that will be fun (all while educating, whether through fine motor work or through learning new ideas and skills). There's a virtual stack of new art activity books right here at Beyond the Blackboard that we're so excited about and thrilled to share with you.

These books include a large variety of creative activities and art projects for kids in home, travel, and classroom environments, including art activities, crafts, and even paper airplanes. Browse our fun books full of creative projects and cool things you can make! There are step-by-step paper crafts and process art projects. There are lovely books full of cutting, gluing, and assembling. Our collection is also full of drawing and painting activities that are perfect for home or school! In our Art Activity Books collection, you'll find books for encouraging drawing with confidence and creativity, and to fuel your family's creativity. We hope you are inspired to buy one of these kids' art activity books from our family business! If there are any kids' arts and crafts books that you think we should add to our collection, please let us know. Happy creating!