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Looking for some incredible, unique, learning toys? We've got you covered! In our super-sized list below, you'll find the absolute best educational toys on the market right now. We have something for all ages! Whether your child is into coding, physics, or they're just learning their colors, you'll find something delightful for them at Beyond the Blackboard.

We are a team of experienced "play experts" who meticulously search the toy market to find the very best products for you. Besides being experts in the field of play, we're parents, grandparents, teachers, "big kids", and special grown-ups, too. We have a passion for educational products that make learning fun.

It is our mission to help grown-ups and kids make the best purchase decisions. The world wide web offers endless choices with millions of toys at your fingertips. To be frank, it can be overwhelming to sort through the myriad choices. That's where we come in! We cover the research process, so you can find a great toy quickly.

We curate our products. After we select a toy, we don't just forget about it. Our team plays, tests, and plays some more. We have our fingers on the beat of the toy market, from coding kits to toddler toys and more. Our products run from budget and well-made to stunning, hand-crafted toys you'll want to splurge on. We make it a point to work with toy companies who have amazing customer service.

We believe in playing with our unique, educational toys and games just like your child would. We play with our products in our stores and homes, and we encourage the kids who visit our stores to test them, too! Inspiring fun and learning is our job. We take our job seriously. Well, as seriously as a toy store can!

Educational toys engage children for longer amounts of time. They feed the brain! Above all, the gift of an educational toy is a gift that keeps on giving. Our toys will give your children head starts in math, reading, and science. Educational toys will help your child develop a love for learning, an important quality to foster into adulthood! Who knows? An incredible educational toy may even be the spark that ignites a lifelong passion in your child.