Magna Tiles Storage Bin & Playmat



Looking for the perfect accessory for your children’s Magna Tiles magnetic shapes? Look no further than the Magna Tiles Storage Bin & Interactive PlayMat.

  • This innovative, two-in-one solution helps to keep play areas organized while also serving as a comfortable playmat for your children to build on. When folded as a storage bin, it offers a different color on each side, making it easy to mix and match with your existing decor. When expanded as a playmat, it offers an aesthetic akin to stained glass with pastel shades of our vibrant Magna Tiles magnetic shapes. This playmat creates a dedicated playing and learning space, and when you lay out the playmat for your child, they will be excited to start imagining and creating! 

    • Ages 3+.

  • Magna Tiles are the original 3D magnetic building tiles by Valtech since 1997. All Magna Tiles building sets are compatible.