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IQ Circuit



Can you connect the dots without short-circuiting your brain? Place all the puzzle pieces on the game board to create paths.

  • How to Play:

    1. Select a challenge. Each challenge shows 2, 4, or 6 dots.
    2. The object of the game is to connect all the dots with a path. All puzzle pieces must be placed on the game board. Each path starts and ends at a dot. Unconnected path pieces are not allowed.<. . . Show More >
  • Smart Toys & Games Inc is the worldwide leader in multi-level logic games. Their award-winning games have multi-level challenges from the very easy to the very challenging; perfect for players of all ages. Each game has a unique and innovative game mechanic with themes that appeal to both boys and girls. They create games in travel, compact, and tabletop sizes, so you can grow your brain wherever you are!

  • Safety Warnings

    WARNING 1 - small parts