Possum Dice Game



Possum is a fun way for the whole family to help young learners practice and improve all kinds of language and life skills like word-building, spelling, parts of speech, vocabulary in context, using strategy, and more.

  • Possum is ideal for anyone ages 8 and over, and it works best for groups of 2–6 players. Play it with third graders or sixth graders. Play it with friends or aunts or grandparents. Possum gives every player a chance to show what they know and to win. Players get to flex their imaginations by creating pretend words, using them in sentences, and naming their parts of speech. 

    How to Play:

    Players have up to three rolls of the dice to build a word. In order to earn points, they must use the word in a sentence and name its part of speech. Extra points can be earned for using more difficult (red) letters. Points are tallied up and recorded on a scorecard that is organized by category. Can’t spell a word after three rolls? Create a made-up word and fill your Possum Word category. Just use the pretend word in a sentence and correctly name its part of speech to earn points. After every player has had 12 turns, the totals are added and the player with the highest score wins.

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